Why Should You Upgrade your NAV Version to Microsoft Business Central?

Debuted in 1987, then acquired by Microsoft in 2002, NAV is now called Microsoft Business Central Dynamics NAV. Being one of the most profuse software packages, it offers more than 110,00 installations globally. 

What began as an on-premise software solution orienting SMEs, now has various deployment options ranging from private to public cloud. Each one is designed to seamlessly comply with other Microsoft applications such as Dynamics 365 for sales, Power BI, and Office 365.  

Outshining Dynamics NAV, Business Central offers:  

  • A more compact integration with other Microsoft applications, avoiding traditional silos sourcing hindrances.  
  • Embedded Power BI which avails real-time data and business analytics for more actionable insights.  
  • Seamless upgrades with bi-annual release cadence.  
  • An automatic workflow creation with Microsoft Flow to enhance efficiency. 
  • Smooth data transmission with Microsoft CRM platform, Dynamics 365 for sales.  

How does Dynamics NAV differ from Business Central? 

Business Central Implementation delivers all the standard Functionalities that Microsoft NAV has. Thus, there emerges an interesting question; Why do you need to opt for NAV to Business Central Upgrade then?  

Microsoft is on an enhancement spree where they commit to streamlining business operations, enhance customer interactions and stimulate growth. However, it should be noted that businesses using Dynamics NAV have stopped getting new version releases after December 31, 2018. Therefore, there is no customer support available for Dynamics NAV users and it becomes necessary to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.  

The new version proffers various exciting features such as:  

  • Licensing Options: You have the flexibility to choose your subscription package; you can either pick a monthly subscription or perpetual. It is up to you whether you want your operational expense or capital.  

  • Hosting Option: Avail Business Central as both a Cloud-based SaaS solution and perpetual hosting solution. While you can use the solution on a private data center or your server but a cloud with NAV.  

  • Seamless Upgrades: With Business Central you can witness automatic upgrades taking place in the background on a bi-annual release cadence. Even if you decide to get a few add-Ons or any customizations, this process will still get going seamlessly. It is a faster and smoother process with Business Central than that of NAV.  

What Benefits does NAV To Business Central Upgrade Offer? 

Since Dynamics NAV stopped releasing its new versions after 31st December 2018, there is no other customer support but Support for Business Central.  

Tighter integration with other Microsoft applications, real-time data availability, and bi-annual release cadence upgrades ensure smoother business operations and productivity boost. You can get numerous benefits from this upgrade such as: 

  • Microsoft Cloud Security 
  • Cost benefits  
  • Modern Equipment 
  • Alternative for Hardware 
  • Business Expansion  
  • Technical Support  

Microsoft Cloud Security 

Data security and safety has always been the top concern of IT professions. However, with Microsoft’s robust security system they no longer have to stress on it. There are more than 3,500 IT experts in Microsoft making it an industry leader when it comes to safety, threat detection, and system protection. By having a massive security-focused IT team collaborating with yours, you never have to worry about any malware or security threat. Instead, your IT technicians can seamlessly carry out tasks they are assigned to.  

Better Budgeting  

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is no less expensive than Dynamics NAV itself. However, you do get a better understanding of your finances, allowing your experts to make better budget plans more carefully. Cloud upgrade is a financial shift that reallocates ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) spend from infrastructure, expensive servers, integration costs, and licensing fees. Business central upgrade is the ultimate upgrade you will ever have to pay for, after that, upgrades happen automatically at no cost, ensuring you are on the latest version.  

Modern Equipment  

Business Central displays an intuitive interface, which is easy to use and cuts training time. Its features resemble those of other Microsoft applications you have already been using. Additionally, it is elastic enough to be used anytime, anywhere. It does not matter wherever you are, you can still use it and get your work going.  

Alternative for Hardware  

This is a great solution for businesses that do not wish to invest in a hardware-oriented environment but wish for smooth business operations. Many on-premise businesses spend a fortune on hardware set-up and software configuration ensuring high availability, reduced uptime, security, and backup.  

Business Expansion 

Microsoft Business Central is designed to manage your finance, customer, and supply chain more effectively. Moreover, smart reporting and real-time visibility are at your fingertips complementing smart management and project optimization. Therefore, simplified business operations and output-centric technology drive deeper market penetration and greater scalability.  

Business Central streamlines business operations and ensures free flow of data transmission with no place and time limitation. From small businesses to startups, there is a scope of business expansion for all entrepreneurs. You can freely focus on major productive aspects of your business with Microsoft’s automation.  

Technical Support  

You are automatically entitled to Microsoft’s support system once you avail their cloud-based versions. According to your time-to-time customization requirements, you can also integrate with other Microsoft applications. If you require more personalized capacity in your plan, use API (you cannot use it with Microsoft NAV) 

Why Trident as an Implementation Partner? 

 Trident offers an industry-specific assessment by certified experts to help you define and accomplish your business goals through Dynamics 365 implementation and customization.  

 Trident Delivers  

  • Hour requirement estimation to finish upgrading.  
  • Future-state application/integration map 
  • Recommendation on license mapping to new user roles.  
  • Recommendation on rollout plan and phasing.  
  • Data migration recommendation strategies and scope.  

Trident Information Systems has been serving its customers since 1999. Backed up with experience of more than two decades and 150+ technical resource strength, it became Microsoft D365 and LS Retail Gold Partners. With 250+ client engagements across India, SE Asia, Middle East, and Africa, Trident claimed several awards benchmarking their achievements.  For further information or a demonstration contact us.