Why Should Large Scale Businesses opt for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS?  

Back in the day, businesspeople perceived cloud-based software implementation to be well suited for only small to medium-sized businesses. It had an image of reducing the upfront and implementation costs for SMBs while large-scale businesses still preferred to stick to the traditional on-premises software. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation has shunned this perception. Greater control, more functionality, and complete customization are some of many Dynamics 365 Business Central Features.  

Large-scale businesses have begun to accept Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation to manage their complex requirements. It is one of the most popular enterprises resource planning which is now considered well suited for large enterprises. At the recent Annual Directions Conference, Rayner Vas (software engineer), and Christian Heide Damm (architect) elaborated on Microsoft’s investments and enhanced performance. Now, Business Central refrains from any limitations on the number of users, transactions, sessions, or size of the database, making it a suitable option for businesses of varied sizes. Business Central Licensing is also very flexible.  

The Forrester research also backs up this claim; they state the total impact of Business Central on a business’s economy. They found out that businesses who opted for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation successfully attained operational efficiency, cut costs, and easily scaled their deployments. This growth is a result of the support that the cloud offered.  

However, if you are still unsure about Microsoft Business Central, we have compiled the top three reasons to convince you to choose it for your large-scale business.  

Steady Scalability  

Microsoft Business Central allows as many users as your business needs. There is no limitation to your growth. Each Business Central instance comes with data storage of 80 GB. According to Microsoft, this is more than enough space for different organizations. Even if a company needs expansion in their data storage, they can add it.  

Business Central keeps adding regular performance enhancements to ensure enough scalability for even the largest organizations. Latest features like SQL Compression – a technique that is also employed throughout other Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud services. It helps reduce database volume and enhance performance. Its service functionality also tracks unanticipated database growth while aiding users to catch issues in the earlier stages and prevent unexpected database use. In addition, the Business Central Admin Dashboard also helps the users to manage their database costs continuously. Having complete visibility of your data and being able to see exactly what you are using; you can calculate the total costs and plan the budget accordingly.  

According to further reports by Forster, almost all the Business Central users state the benefits of being able to scale users and enjoy license types. Also, during turbulent times like pandemics, they could keep their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) resources on provision and cut costs.  

On the Go Productivity 

Being a cloud-first solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation enables its user’s freedom of action. In the past couple of years, some large-scale businesses faced shortcomings when it came to making rapid changes. For instance, large-scale businesses working on premises could not fulfil the requirement of remote work overnight. Those who were already running in Cloud could successfully adapt to it.  

Reports also suggest that firms who invest in technologies which enable remote work will eventually enjoy a competitive edge through a more engaged workforce. Furthermore, it was also reported that business central users noted that being on SaaS allows their transition to remote work a lot easier than it would have been with their previous on-premises ERP software.  

Best In-class Security for Your Business  

It is not hidden from anyone how robust Microsoft security is. Microsoft takes its security very seriously. It costs about USD 1 billion a year. It has shown its security’s continuous enhancement in multiple ways: from data encryption to identity isolation to automated threat detection, and just-in-time access. 

A few years ago, some customers were hesitant about using cloud services because they thought it was not safe enough. Nowadays, however, the situation has reversed. Business owners are more inclined toward the concept of the cloud due to its unparalleled security. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation, users can take complete advantage of the full security infrastructure provided by Microsoft cloud to its users.  

Overall, because of the above-mentioned reasons and more, numerous retailers chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation. For Microsoft Business Central Demo, contact Trident Information Systems. We are a gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner and have served various business ventures.