Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Why is Business Central the Best ERP for the Automotive Industry? 

The automotive industry is one of the hardest industries to handle. With cutthroat competition and having to manage different vehicles, their spare parts, and their alternatives while keeping tabs on each at the same time is a pretty expensive affair. However, With the help of an Automotive ERP like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you can easily manage your entire business on budget.  

The automotive industry is bound to face challenges that can affect the overall business environment, especially due to COVID-19, such as manufacturing shutdowns, low vehicle sales, disrupted supply chain, change in customer behavior, and so on. But with Businesscentral, you can spot potential threats and make strategies on time.  

Dynamics Business Central is an all-in-one ERP solution that can help your automotive business to resolve such challenges and enable a business ecosystem that promotes:  

  • Comprehensive customer history.  
  • Price configurations. 
  • Upgraded communication with clients. 
  • Healthier supply chain management. 
  • Machine-driven data consolidation. 
  • Multi-brand assistance.  
  • Live to track of items. 
  • Transparent service process.  
  • Massive integration abilities with barcode readers, mobiles, printers, e-commerce sites, etc.  
  • Evaluation of different KPIs.  

The user can optimize this ERP in the given areas:  

  • Car dealers and importers  
  • Vehicle importers and dealers  
  • Heavy vehicles 
  • Rent-a-car shop 
  • Repair shop 
  • Spare part dealers 

Why Would You Choose Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for Your Automotive Business? 

It is a critical decision to choose an ERP for Automotive company. Such companies look for more than the integration process while expecting a great standardization level from an ERP. These standards and business processes surrounding EDI add up to a substantial part of these systems.  

Therefore, when an automotive business aspires to receive high-quality service internally, it must choose Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Its tools can help you better with after-sales services and distributor-related operations.  

Being recognized as the Best ERP around the world, Dynamics Business Central streamlines your operations by going paperless and automating almost every aspect of your business. You can easily identify your KPIs visually via Logistic format and customize a framework to reinforce new opportunities.  

  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Central moves to the cloud fast and enables security, easy deployments, and updated business modules. 
  • It endorses complete control over the business, live vehicle, and product tracking as well as focuses on customer service quality. 
  • It also detects problems efficiently and maintains the standards set by the firm. 
  • It supports effective inventory management with the help of its inventory management tools.  
  • Optimizes supply chain and facilitates centralized control and production planning. It boosts visibility across the production operations.  
  • Strong and accurate analysis aids in making more logical decisions.  
  • Robust Financial Management system ensures accurate transaction reconciliation and financial reports.  
  • Its service management ensures excellent after-sales services to the client while effectively handling their needs and demands.  
  • The Order Management System enables visibility of the orders by customers and analyses their purchase history.  
  • It helps maintain your automobile and integrates your channel of communication.  

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central delivers a set of robust tools within the same platform, specifically designed to handle your industry resulting in better coordination among departments. It shows your business with various other benefits. 

Low-Cost Ownership  

If you want to manage your cash flow, deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central can work in your favor. Embrace the benefits of a Cloud ERP, such as low-cost infrastructure, no maintenance or upgrade cost, etc. Its monthly subscription abolishes the need to invest a massive upfront cost while ensuring enough flexibility to manage your cash flow accordingly.  

Centralized Data 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 collects every data in your business and stores it in a single database which can be shared throughout the departments. Therefore, your data is always in a safe place that is constantly updated. It also helps with decision-making as the same data is shared throughout the organization. Pre-installed dashboards allow you to access data analysis and reports fast. You can use this linked data (accounting, finance, sales, purchases, and inventory) to promote your organization’s growth. 

ERP and CRM on the Same Platform  

Apart from being an ERP system, Dynamics Business Central delivers CRM on the same platform, which records every transaction with your customers and supplies insights into cross-selling and up-selling, and renewal potential throughout the sales cycle.  

Warehouse and Supply Chain Management 

This is one of the most useful capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Predictive stock replenishment helps boost your supply chain efficiency automatically. As it can automatically create purchase orders based on predicted stock-outs and sales projection, your supply chain becomes more resilient. You can also perfect templates and find the ideal arrangement of goods in your warehouse.  


This solution allows your employees to access your business data and accelerate decision-making, thanks to cloud computing. You can manage your company from anywhere, anytime. You have enough flexibility to support remote work for your employees without having to bear any production loss.  

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is renowned as one of the best solutions for the automotive industry in the world. Credits to its robust and flexible tools, services, and subscription plans. It scales with the business and keeps it up to the latest technology. If you are looking for a Business Central Partner, you may Contact Trident Information Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation Partner and LS Central Diamond Implementation Partner.