Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade

Upgrade From GP to Business Central to Get Faster and Streamlined Business Operations!

Your company is determined for Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade, correct? GP’s end of support is ending in January 2023 anyway. If you are bothered about the inconveniences that this migration will bring you, don’t worry. Every Migration is not complicated. Moreover, most companies must progress toward digital transformation since it will enable you to boost your company efficiency. 

Microsoft puts a lot of effort into enhancing the functionality and features of its products. Most of the time, you’re on-premises GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade may increase productivity throughout your whole company. You will also be able to improve the efficiency of your business operations, services, and procedures. 

Why Would You Upgrade from D365 GP to Business Central? 

Dynamics Business Central is a cloud-based solution that offers more flexible features and agile tools. You can get more speedy operations while streamlining every process. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It provides other benefits such as:  

Business Intelligence Fosters More Logical Decisions 

After Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade, it supports business intelligence tools. You can use them to get insights into your business. You can also understand customers better as it stores, scans, filters, and presents customer data into dashboards allowing you to see how each customer spends in your business. You can then provide customized offers and services, deals, offers, and discounts. It becomes easier to segregate them into groups and individually. Moreover, Business Intelligence helps you spot your business’s KPIs, potential threats, gaps, and hidden earning opportunities.  

Helps You Save Costs  

After Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade, you will shift to cloud-based software which helps you save costs on maintenance and upgrading. You do not have to engage your entire IT team in maintaining and upgrading your software. You can instead use them to develop more useful tools to streamline your operations. D365 is an Saas as a Service Platform that helps you develop new software as per your need easily.  

You Are Always on the Latest Version  

Once you decide on the Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade, you will be hosted by and on Azure, you can always be on the latest version. Microsoft provides minor updates now and then without disturbing your business ecosystem. And twice a year, Microsoft provides major updates about which you are notified in advance. You can even reschedule these updates if you feel like it. D365 provides sandboxing allowing you to test changes and patch upgrades, even for those that Microsoft itself upgrades.  

Get a suite of Cloud-based Software  

With Business Central, you can access the complete set of applications provided by Microsoft such as SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, Power BI (Business Intelligence), and a lot more. These tools help you collaborate freely with one another and streamline operations more easily within the business.  

Remote Access  

One of the best qualities of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is its remote access facility. You can access it from any device. In this period where everyone demands remote work, you need technology to support the same. Due to COVID-19, businesses were forced to shut down and demanded remote work. Businesses that couldn’t comply with the same either shut down or implemented technology to support remote work. This technology ensures work is done even if you are not available at the office. 

High-end Security  

With Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade, businesses especially SMEs don’t have to worry about their security as Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures bank-level security. Microsoft has assigned more than 3000 experts to detect and defeat threats. There are thousands of other experts working day and night on the well-being of your software and data safety. Teams are assigned to create possible threats and other teams find ways to defeat them. Microsoft can be the most secure data you can have. Your data is stored and backed up on a single server. Therefore, you will get everything on a single server.  

If you are looking forward to Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade, you can contact Trident Information Systems. We are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation Partner and LS Central Diamond Implementation Partner. Our team of 200+ experts’ workday and night to ensure seamless and consistent operations in the organization. Contact us for further details.