Upgrade NAV to Business Central

This is How Dynamics NAV Pushes Your Business Back into The Competition

Despite being a robust ERP system, Dynamics NAV is getting old and will be out of support soon in 2023. A new upgrade, Dynamics Business Central, has emerged which holds all the functionalities of D365 NAV, with quick and easy-to-use features. Personnel do not even have to be from a technical background to learn this software. Seeing the technological advancements in the market and cut-throat competition, it’s high time to Upgrade NAV to Business Central. 

Sticking with NAV is pushing your business back in the race with all the complexities you are facing but your competition doesn’t. Data management is one of the most concerning aspects for any business that Navision fails to organize. It’s pretty complex and tough to build and configure reports in this software. Personnel usually get sick of it, and poor attempts to build reports manually make the situation worse.   

Since everyone in your business cannot be a technical expert, it takes too much time to transform a big amount of data into small and precise information to aid decision-making. People working in inventory reconciliation to create a new vendor’s account are not fond of contacting excerpts every time to pull a report. Hence, they attempt to do it themselves manually on Excel and often are disappointed with the discrepancies later found in the reports.  

If you do not Upgrade NAV to Business Central, you are most likely to face big issues responsible for pushing you back in the competition. Many users are already facing difficulties such as:   

Delays: It takes a lot of time to create resorts. Personnel is dependent on the consultant to build reports and customization takes extra time. Employees are bound to allot their time from their already hectic schedule which delays the overall functioning of the business.   

Data Errors: Not being able to create reports usually happens due to the system’s workarounds. From copy and paste to “Frankenstein” excel sheets and mistakes made due to manual actions impact your decisions.   

Risks Involved: Lack of data or data inaccuracy impacts the visibility which can later cripple your business. If your executive team is getting the wrong information, you may as well close your eyes and make decisions randomly.  

Lack of Productivity: Employees get frustrated when they cannot even create a report themselves and have to rely on someone else to get their work done. This impacts their morale, and they end up spending a good sum of their time fixing the patches. However, this is not the case if you Upgrade NAV to Business Central. You can easily create reports and customize them with no fuss.  

Too much Dependency: Due to a lack of technical knowledge, personnel is bound to depend on technical professionals. Moreover, there is a shortage of analytics and NAV data experts in the market. Due to this, the business is entirely dependent on an implementation partner for custom reports and every other issue they encounter. But once you Upgrade NAV to Business Central, you can do most of the chores yourself; you can easily create and customize reports and will not need an expert for your basic requirements.  

Extra Costs: everything boils up to one thing – costs. On top of errors and delay, you need an expert’s help to create and customize reports while demanding high charges. However, once you Upgrade NAV to Business Central, you will never see delays again. NAV to BC Upgrade ensures greater ROI and easy-to-use features.    

Why Would You Upgrade NAV to Business Central?  

One of the major reasons to Upgrade NAV to Business Central is the end of NAV support in 2023. It means you will be on your own when there is an issue. There will be no expert to fix bugs and glitches. Hence, it’s smarter to embrace NAV to Business Central Upgrade now to avoid the last-minute hassle.   

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is hosted by and on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Therefore, providing bank-level security. There is no chance for any virus or malware to invade your systems. Furthermore, you will never lose your data as everything is carefully stored and backed up on a single server.   

As everything is stored on a single server, the data is automatically updated with no extra effort while allowing real-time visibility into your business. When you Upgrade Navision to Business Central, you can now easily use Microsoft Power BI to create real-time reports.   

Business Central, being cloud-based, allows easy navigation and hence boosts productivity. It uses AL language code which allows more customizations and helps manage upgrades and extensions. D365 Business Central includes Office 365 products (excel and outlook), and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM). NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade also automates operations and ensures more productivity and faster operations.  

If you are looking to Upgrade NAV to Business Central, you can Contact Trident Information Systems. We are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation Partners and LS Central Diamond Partner. In the record of our accomplishments of 23 years, we have gained a 95% customer retention rate.