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Why Face Mask Detection System is Recommended for All Organisations

The world is struggling with Covid-19 pandemic and are so many essential equipments needed to combat against Corona virus. One of such most essential is Face Mask and mask was not mandatory for everyone but as the day surpasses scientist and Doctors have recommended everyone to wear the mask. Therefore to detect whether a person is wearing Face Mask or not, there are detection technique. Face Mask Detection Platform utilizes Artificial Network to identify if a person does/doesn’t wear a mask. The application can be associated with any current or new IP cameras to identify individuals with/without a mask.

Applications of Face Mask Detection System

There are several applications of face mask detection. Which includes the applications which are specific to Covid-19 and others are not related to Covid-19. So let us take a look at all the applications of Face Mask Detection.

1- Metro

We have seen in many metro station there is a huge crowd to onboard the train and people would eventually come nearby to each other to board the train, anyhow there will be more security around social distancing but people wearing mask will be most paramount one and to detect this we can use existing camera in trains and platform to take care of violators who is not wearing mask.

2- Airports

The Face Mask Detection System can be utilized at airports to recognize tourists/individual without veils. Face information of tourists can be caught in the system at the passageway. On the off chance that a tourist is seen as without a face cover, their image is sent to the airport authorities so they could make fast move. If the individual’s face is stored in the database, for example the face of any worker of an airport, an alert can be sent to the person’s phone directly.

3- Offices

The Face Mask Detection System can be utilized at office area to recognize if employees are keeping up safety standards at work. It screens employees without masks and sends them a suggestion to wear a cover. The reports can be downloaded or sent an email toward the day’s end to catch individuals who are
not consenting to the guidelines or the prerequisites

4- Educational Institutes

In educational institutes especially where the number of children is more, it is highly recommended to wear face mask for children. Now sometimes they throw away the masks and that’s very dangerous for them as it may tends to viral infection. So if we can use face mask detection in classrooms it will yield a great result.

So via this blog we have seen the different types of application of Face Mask Detection technique. Hope this will help us to understand the importance of wearing masks. We wish you all a good health and hope we will be able to a corona-free world sooner.

So to summarize, Trident Information systems Pvt Ltd’s Face Mask Detection System is going to be the leading technology in both retail and corporate sectors as well. In this scenario of Covid-19, a low investment Face Mask Detection it is here to stay for a long time. Also for Bank, Educational institute or for any other commercial, industrial or retail application of Face Mask Detection or any computer vision, do not hesitate to contact us.


COVID-19 Solutions: An approach towards tackling the situation with AI

The COVID-19 outbreak has challenged the whole world, specifically targeting the health, cleanliness and the economic aspect of our daily lives. Research is in progress in many parts of the world at its best pace, to defeat the virus and help bring back our carefree living conditions. The virus is teaching the world, directing each of our working world around the essential and the optional part of our daily lives. We too have learned our part of the lesson, and have started working towards the development of essential services that can help through and beyond our fight against such diseases.

Understanding the situation

During our long lockdown, we have understood that work cannot be paused for long, as without it, there is no future. However, given the current situation it seems easy to understand that certain amendments in our working lifestyle are a must, because mistakes and carelessness can cost lives in these times. Some generally advised amendments are:

  • Wearing a mask, in public areas can help reduce the spread, as well as it can help prevent one from such a virus.
  • Social Distancing, in public areas can reduce the spread.
  • Washing hands more often with soap and sanitisation using spirit based sanitizers.
  • Changing our habit of touching our face more often.

Face Mask Detection Systems using Vision AI

We have leveraged our AI capabilities to provide surveillance cameras the ability to automatically generate alerts if any person is found not wearing a mask. This transforms your regular CCTV camera setup into an automated check for people following the norms and rules set up and defined to help continue the work. Also, it will help generate the reports regarding the violators to security and concerned personnel to immediately make corrective actions at earliest. We are also working on ideas to help recognize the violators and directly notify them to further reduce the time taken to correct the situation.

Social Distancing using Vision AI

We have also been working on utilizing the same installed cameras to identify if social distancing rules set by the organization in authority, are being followed. Using AI to again identify the distances between people and again, generating alerts for the same to rectify the violators. The reports and dashboarding will automatically provide the details of all such activities.