Support & Implementation Plan for Business Central & D365

Introduction : Trident Help Desk

Enterprise Solutions – ERP, CRM, BI, and Business Portals – yield business benefits only when consumed efficiently by the uses As businesses grow and scale up, these systems require adaption, enhancements, occasional technical support and the users require access to consultant’s time and mindshare. 

This document provides the various standard support plans available to Trident customers.
Being on one of the support plan brings to a customer the following advantages:
Dedicated support & service delivery engineer.

  • Dedicated Project Manager who’ll be working directly with your team
  • Fast issue diagnosis and resolution recommendation
  • Incident tracking in Jira
  • Automatic response when a new incident is created
  • Optimization of the existing processes
  • Answering ‘How to’ ERP related questions
  • Improving work practices through SOPs Automation of recurring tasks
  • Release management & DevOps automation

Additional services charged separately

  • System Health Check & report
  • System Performance review & optimization
  • On-site visit for support & training
  • Enhancement and Customization
  • New Report Development
  • New Module Implementation 

Support Plans 

Trident offers various Support Plans to customers to choose from – based on the needs of the customer. Following are our standard plans for customers who are Indian organizations, for their Indian operations.

Plan A: Full Time Dedicated Resource

A dedicated resource is allocated for the customer who remains available 100% to provide the needed support. The scope of this plan includes addressing both Support needs as well as handling Change Requests. If a certain change request requires more resources (over and above the 1 dedicated resource), prior approval is taken from the customer for the additional effort and cost. The customer will be invoiced for the additional effort spent immediately. Under this model a named resource is available to the
Minimum tenure for this plan is 1 month.

Plan B: Shared Resource

Under this plan the customer commits to a minimum 5 days of support need per month. The need may come up at any time during the month, in one or more instances. In case the customer does not utilize all of 5 days during a particular month, the balance days are carried forward to the next month, but lapse at the end of every quarter (March, June, September and December). The scope of work in this case includes
both support and change requests. If the work identified requires more than the balance number of days for that month/ quarter, Trident informs the customer and takes prior approval for the additional effort and cost. This additional cost will be immediately invoiced. In this model the Trident consultant is shared with another Trident customer.
Minimum tenure for this plan is 3 months. 

Plan C: Time Package

In this model the Customer commits to 200 hrs of support need over a period of 12 months. Response time would be 1 business days after logging of the issue. The support resource will remain a shared resource. The contract period will fall due for renewal either at the end of 12 months period or utilization of hours budgeted.
Tenure for this plan is 12 months

Scope of Support

These Support Plans entitles the customer to avail support during normal business hours (Monday to Friday): 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM (excluding Trident/ public holidays). Support is predominantly from Trident offices and would be provided via e-mail/ Chat. Onsite support may be provided if the situation so demands – based on the merit of the issue – and on mutual agreement.

Methodology For Shared Support and Time Package

Support Activities for Level1, Level-2 and facilitation for Level-3

  • Service Request (SR) Logging
  • SR Request Diagnosis
  • Resolution Conceptualization and Solution Build
  • Review and Testing
  • User Acceptance and SR Closure
  • Reporting and Continuous Improvement

Trident Customer Support Portal

All support plan customers are required to use the Trident Customer Support portal for logging requests, and tracking progress. A single customer login is created and authorized users from the customer can log the issues directly on the site. Both the user and the support team will get informed through email about the issue logged. Tracking of the issue is done through the portal. User can specify the priority and severity of the issue and can also attach screen shots. We can generate periodic reports to monitor the status of
various issues.