Loyalty Apps and Retail Market

The retail market is one of the biggest markets which holds ‘n’ number of transactions on a day-to-day basis. The customers in the retail market shop often and subsequently have more chances of visiting the digital store again.

The only thing which needs to be taken care of is the experience you avail to them. The popularity has made retail mobile app development a necessity for both developers and end users.

Always remember, you have finite customers to target, but they have infinite options to try. A report shares that a 5% increase in customer loyalty can increase average profit per customer by 25%-100%.

Types of Customer Loyalty Programs


This is the most commonly used program. In this, the customer is given points upon shopping or upon performing certain actions. The points are collected in his/her app wallet, and once the customer wishes to redeem them, he has a list of options in that range to choose.


This program tracks customer purchases. Based on their purchases, they are placed in a particular tier. Each level has its own set of rewards and incentives. To pass the level and to avail better rewards, the customer has to purchase more.

Social media

There are companies who are using the strategy to enhance customer engagement and to build their market. Contests and giveaways are the best way to execute this.

Paid programs

Yes, you got that right. There are also some companies who organize loyalty programs for a fee. The user has to pay a recurring fee or one time in order to have the special benefits. You can take examples of top companies like Amazon Prime and Sam’s Club under this category.

Important Factors

Before we sign off, it’s vital that we share some key considerations which you need to keep in mind before initiating the loyalty app development process for your retail business. Here are they:

Personalized rewards

Ensure that you reward your customers with personalized rewards. To get this done you need to go through the data you collected through different tools. Keep geolocation, customer activity, behavior, age group, etc on priority. Analyzing these will help you a lot in keeping your customers attached to your brand.

Ease of access

The customer should be able to check his loyalty status and the reward status anytime. Not only this, they also need to have command on redeeming the points at any given time.

The ease of access is very important as you might attract customers (to an extent retain) but they won’t stay for long if they have to go through a lengthy process of checking and redeeming their rewards.

Real-time offers

This one is quite tricky but very useful. You’ll have to use your tools efficiently to get this done. You can take help of consumer channels, buying behavior, and other insights which help you understand your consumers and their real-time needs better.

Healthy interaction

Communication is the key to building a strong relation with your buyers. Thanks to the technology that it has made it very easy today. Ensure a two-way communication.

As a part of the same, you also need to give your users an easy platform to change their contact information at any time and also to send their queries and suggestions. For the latter, you need to be prompt with your replies.