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Pop-up Stores: An Excellent Medium to Grow Customer Engagements

Big retail brands like French fashion Sézane are including pop-up stores in their strategies. They understand the need to physically connect with customers. With the help of Software for Retail Shop, they can easily get insights into their customers and create strategies to connect with them on a physical level. This is what Sézane did.  

How did Sézane’s Pop-up Store Become a Hit? 

They attracted a massive crowd in Los Angeles and asked them to check out their new launches in a pop-up store called Residence. The store displayed Sezen’s stylish collection, along with other French brands such as Bien Aimé perfumes, Ysé Paris swimsuits, and a children’s collection made in collaboration with Bobo Choses.  

They also invited customers to special events like shirt embroidery and bag personalization workshops. The aim was to bring Paris’s retail store experience to the US market. For Sézane, it was a great opportunity to grab customers’ interest before establishing a permanent store.  

Pop-ups for eCommerce Stores and Future Eco-conscious Shops 

Pop-ups have also helped retailers to try out new locations. It is also benefiting online retail stores. With the help of Software for Retail Store, it gets easy for them to find the most suitable locations for their pop-ups. Many use the Best eCommerce Platform 2022: LS Central. Pop-up stores are a great medium for retailers with no physical store, to connect with customers physically and allow them to experience the touch and feel of the product.  

Another interesting use of pop-up stores includes trying out new items and generating a buzz. In the UK, Selfridges pop-up retail gave customers a vision of what future eco-conscious shops may look like. It displayed 3D printing robots and real-time tailoring and introduced a new ownership concept 

How to Use Pop-ups to Enhance Sales? 

At times when customers expect great experiences in-store, but with pop-ups it’s much easier. Moreover, you can attract more customers to visit your physical or online store. We have designed a few strategies to enhance your retail business with pop-ups:  

Boost Marketing and Brand Awareness  

In the era of unlimited content and social media scrolling, how can you stand out in the market? Pop-up stores are a great way to grab customers’ attention and generate excitement. Since they are only for a short time, customers go out of their way to visit these pop-ups. In a survey conducted by Business Insider Intelligence, more than 50% of retailers admitted they could increase their market visibility by 46%. Software for Retail Shop like LS Central helps track customer interactions and use it for further promotions. 

Finding New Partnerships  

Some retailers prefer to work solo, however, some unlikely partnerships in the market could get a massive advantage from the alliance. One such example is Taco Bell and T-Mobile. They created a pop-up store to draw more customers. Those who visited T-MoBell could get their hands on surprising goodies, free drinks, and limited-edition T-Mobile giveaways. 

This was just one example of a unique partnership. Such strategies allow one’s business to have a larger customer base and pull off campaigns that they would not be able to manage on their own. Software for Retail Shop also helped them organize these events. With customer insights, both partners could find a common area to set up the pop-up and offer interesting deals.  

Offer Innovative Customer Experience

Pop-up stores are designed to be experimental, which means you do not have to stay behind confined brick-and-mortar walls. For instance, IKEA tried augmented reality at its pop-up store and encouraged visitors to create their personalized space using touchscreens. They incorporated storage, lighting, and furniture of their choice. They were thrilled to see their dream space coming to life in front of their eyes.  

Another innovative step was taken by adidas, who prompted sustainable shopping. They launched a one-day-only pop-up and encouraged alternative currency. They asked their visitors to buy a unique piece in exchange for their old clothes. They accepted clothes by their weight in exchange for a unique, one-of-a-kind, and upcycled piece.  

Test New Locations Using Software for Retail Shop 

Before committing to a location, you can try out different areas and see where the crowd shows the most interest. You can use Software for Retail Shop to track customer interactions and identify their interests. Also, you can use your previous interactions to find out customers from which area showed the most interest. This will help you shortlist the location you want to open your next pop-up store. A pop-up is a very cost-effective method to find and test an ideal location for your store. According to a report by Business Insider, 44% of respondents opened their pop-ups within $5,000.  

Pop-up stores are catching pace among SMBs too due to their low-cost investment, temporary nature, and interaction with a wider range of customers without setting a permanent base. They are ideal to increase customer engagement. Retailers must use Software for Retail Shop to track and optimize those interactions.  

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