Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Automate routine HR tasks, standardise talent management across your organisation, so you can focus on employee performance, development, and retention.

In today’s professional services organizations, talent and intellectual capital are a primary source of competitive advantage. With talent playing such a critical role, services firms require a holistic approach towards attracting, engaging and growing their human capital. Unfortunately, most HR departments use disconnected systems with limited reporting and analytics capabilities, preventing HR leaders from gaining the insights they need to strategically attain, empower, and optimize their talent.

Attracting Talent

Engaging Talent

Growing Talent

Standardize Your HR Organization while Empowering Employees

Attract, Engage and Grow – Transform your Human Capital Management and Deliver High-Impact, Sustainable Results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent helps organizations digitally transform their HR function by placing people at the center of a mobile, cloud-based HCM solution that enables you to:

  • Attract and hire the right people through a collaborative hiring process
  • Create unique and personalized onboarding experiences that accelerate productivity
  • Nurture and grow talent to maximize the potential of every employee

Create Unique and Personalized Onboarding Experiences

Dynamics 365 for Talent enables a seamless onboarding experience that ensures new hires are acclimated, connected, and productive as quickly as possible.

  • Create a centralized repository of company information to help new hires align their skills to business needs and understand the importance of their role to the growth of the organization.
  • Streamline the onboarding process by creating personalized onboarding checklists and sharing relevant documents and resources before the employee’s start date, ensuring that they’re productive on their first day.
  • Automatically connect new employees with peers that have similar interests and skills to help them build relationships across the organization.

Nurture and Grow Your Talent

  • Dynamics 365 for Talent helps organizations nurture and grow their talent to maximize the potential of every employee.
  • Track skills, certifications, education and other competencies to create a centralized knowledge database.
  • Create skill targets to help employees develop necessary skills to be successful.
  • Build and track performance goals, update progress, and facilitate performance reviews to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives.
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of training courses offered by your organization to help build knowledge across your teams.
  • Provide highly interactive self-service pages that allow employees to update personal information, competencies, benefits and other important HR information.
  • Leverage rich data visualizations and analytics to gain complete visibility of the effectiveness of your HR practices.

Foster a Culture of Excellence

Talent provides a system for continuous feedback, and reward high performers by turning performance into a daily, two-way conversation between employees and managers. You can view real-time performance dashboards and track accomplishments. In addition, you gain full transparency around employee and team goal progression, which allows you to take immediate corrective actions.

Motivate and Retain your Workforce

Manage compensation recommendations and analyze the compensation plans for the organization. Implement competitive compensation based on merit and performance, and organize your pay into logical systems that take the guess work out of total compensation.

Design and Administer Employee Benefits

Design and administer benefits packages, fixed pay, bonus systems, and paid time off accruals that are both compliant and perceived as fair by your workforce.

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