ERP Software for Retailers.

Is your Retail staff unhappy? Here is How to Fix it.  

One of the most critical factors that businesses consider when it comes to customer service is the quality of their employees and the technology they use. Many big retail brands prefer ERP Software for Retailers. However, a poorly-staffed retail store can lead to a customer dropping out of their shopping list. According to a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 32% of consumers will stop buying from a brand they love after one bad experience. 

After a customer has left a negative review on social media, their friends and family might also follow suit. This could lead to a few more people dropping out of the shopping list. 

As an employer, you can also take various steps to improve the quality of your employees’ work lives such as implementing a Retail Management System Software. These include implementing policies and procedures that will help improve their engagement and job satisfaction. 

Some of the common problems that can affect the performance of your employees are poor communication, absenteeism, and poor performance. To avoid these, there are a lot of things you can do. But let’s discuss some problems and their best possible solution.  

#1 Problem: You Lack a Proper Set of Rules 

Have you set stable rules for your employees? Do you have certain rules to train your new staff? Does your new set of staff know what is expected of them? You must disclose what they are expected to do and how they must behave. How they can resolve common customer queries and escalate issues wherever required, and how they must use your Store Management Software 

. They must have easy access to the rules of conduct to remind themselves how to react.  

Training your staff about the rules of conduct may feel tiring but it is essential. Your staff feels confident if they know what is expected of them and how they must behave in a certain situation. Moreover, it also supports consistent customer service.  

Solution: Retail brands are creating simple sets of rules and many of them are even using ERP Software for Retailers which helps them set and manage their rules of conduct. One such software is LS Retail Software Solution.  

#2 Problem: Your Employees Feel Left Out 

One of the most common factors hampering your staff’s efficiency is not feeling a part of the group. Some research reveals that staff who have a best friend at their workplace tend to work seven times more efficiently. People in a team have a strong sense of shared purpose, rely on each other, and share responsibilities and achievements. The secret is to create a connection that exceeds your work time.  

Solution: Build team spirit among staff. Engage them in activities requiring teamwork such as drumming, sports, yoga, etc. Anything that needs collaboration will work. For those working remotely, you can create spaces for collaboration, followed by some informal moments where your staff could chat and share common interests. 

#3 Problem: Lack of Official Channel of Communication  

How many times did you have to call your employees frantically to find out about the last-minute update? Have you witnessed employee(s) gathering in front of your cabin to find out if their time-off requests have been accepted, or probably you have lost them? There will be many instances where communication plays a massive role. Inefficient communication will only lead to chaos. Hence you need to implement a technology that supports a strong communication medium.  

Solution: The best ERP Software for Retailers includes tools that support effective communication. A space where employees could connect and share information in real-time is a must-have these days. One such Software for Retail Shop is LS Central. This Retail Software is Microsoft-driven and provides tools such as Teams and outlook where employees can communicate with one another via quick chats and emails.  

#4: Inability to Optimize Your Workforce 

Your employees have to fulfil a task even if they feel bored. At some point, all employees are guilty of not being able to optimize their staff efficiency. For instance: Linda is good with kids, maybe she should manage the kid’s section. And John is very organized, he must be assigned the responsibility to arrange the items received. Another issue can be time: you may need more than two staff at a POS station. You can save your efforts and resources with the right ERP Software for Retailers.   

Moreover, your staff can do a lot more with the right technology in hand. For instance, empowering your employees with a Retail POS enhances their customer service twofold. Further, you can take some time to understand your staff’s skills to assign the perfect task to them. You can store your staff detailers in your ERP Software for Retailers and use them for the best situation.  

One of the key solutions is to implement ERP Software for Retailers which helps you optimize your staff, provides tools for adequate communication, and sets and manages rules for consistent conduct of workflow.  

LS Retail is a unified Store Management Software. Driven by Microsoft, it provides all the tools necessary to run a smooth retail business followed by Azure security. If you are looking for LS Retail Implementation, you can contact Trident Information Systems. We are a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner and LS Retail Diamond Partner. Many famous retail businesses have leveraged our ERP Software for Retailers and thrived in the industry. Contact us for further information.