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Exclusive webinar on ASPICE Compliance through Software Engineering Solutions”  on “Wed, 30 June 2021, from 11.00 AM to 12.00 Noon”

Objective : To showcase & demonstrate to Engineering /Design/ Testing professionals in Automotive Industry, about how easily the Engineering challenges and key pain-areas pertaining to new age vehicle design/development can be addressed using IBM ELM Solutions.  

As the automotive engineering industry is dramatically transforming,  the key drivers in R&D function in the industry are:

  • Electrification
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Connectivity (enable new digital models)
  • Over the Air Update

How ELM solution can help in ASPICE compliance

IBM ELM (Engineering Lifecycle Management) helps Automotive companies to setup tool landscapes for state-of-the-art engineering with ASPICE in mind.

The solution introduces tailorable work items, templates and reports compatible with the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management portfolio. The provided tailoring makes IBM ELM more consumable.

Combining state-of-the-art methodology and orienting the design to an established industry regulation, makes IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Automotive Compliance appropriate to standardize engineering processes across departments and companies. Ultimately, building on these proven concepts are the key to ensure a solid concepts and to create acceptance among engineering users

Common Pain Points

Cost to develop new products is highly expensive, due to high number of resources required.
Cause: Lack of reuse

Mandatory compliance activities cause unexpected effort towards end of projects. .
Cause: Treating complianceas an isolated topic

Failure to meet timelines. .
Cause: lack of project management transparency = lack of visibility and ability to react

Increasing complexity creates system consistency challenges. .
Cause: Lack of transparency into design inconsistencies

Quality Issues, (worst case: recalls) damage reputation and may lead to cost explosion.
Cause: Lack in test processes, Lacking integration of PM and development artifacts

Lack of collaboration across large, distributed teams.
Causes: double effort & Development silos because of historically grown process & tool landscape

Automotive Engineering Challenges

Why to Join this Webinar

Manufacturers and suppliers are going to fight sinking margins while needing to invest in innovation and restructure their organizations to handle shorter release cycles without losing quality. 

ELM is a holistic state-of-the-art tool suit that allows for strategic reuse and provides extensive reporting on design and project status which is the backbone required for such a transformation. Automotive OEMs and suppliers need to start building their designs in ELM now to be able to reuse it 2030. Building on a reusable data model is key. Adding such reuse concept in retrospect is incredibly difficult.

This upcoming Webinar is going to address all above known concern & challenges in detailed manner.

Speakers of this Webinar

Asset 1speaker1

Mr. Andreas Gschwind

Solution Engineer | IBM Technology Sales

Asset 3speaker1

Mr. Rajneesh Bhagat

COO | Trident Information Systems

Mr. Murugan P Marudappan

Solutions Engineer | IBM Technology

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