How to Transform your Data into Actionable Insight?

Discover a transformative line of business application built using Microsoft big data and advanced analytics. BI is best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance.

Advance Your Analytics Journey

BI (Business Intelligence) and analytics within your company with Trident Data Analytics. Starting out with the right solution from Trident which enables your organization to rapidly accelerate from Reporting to Monitoring.  Trident’s Data Analytics Solutions connects to the applications that you have deployed today, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and legacy Dynamics AX 2012.  Insights include historical trending, drill-down reporting, and improved insights into your operational and financial business needs. With Trident Data Insights, there is a single source of the truth for your analytical data.


To help clients meet the demands of today and plan for tomorrow, we offer the following services:

  • Business Strategy and Enterprise Metrics: Enterprise information management strategy and roadmap development, business information health assessments, business case development, platform and tool evaluations, architecture definition and enterprise metrics management
  • Business Process Application: Event monitoring, BI adoption, organizational deployment and user empowerment
  • BI Capabilities: BI rationalization and consolidation, data visualization and analytic applications development, BI Center of Excellence, cloud reporting
  • Analytic Applications: Enterprise analytics services, industry solutions and web analytics
  • Information Infrastructure: Data modelling, data architecture, data integration Center of Excellence, master data management, metadata management, data quality management, data warehouse performance improvement, design and development, quality assurance and auditing and data governance

Assess Analytics Maturity & Develop Roadmap: Analytics maturity assessment across categories such as Organisation, infrastructure, Data management, Analytics, Governance

Data Exploration & Preparation: Data discovery & mapping exercises. Establishing data governance rules for initial rolls out of BI.

Trident Data Insight Foundation: Deployment and configuration of ADI semantic layer. (ie: Data warehouse, power BI Content packs). Designing and development of initial BI focus for a specific area of your business.

Trident Data Insights Analytics: Specifically targeted predictive and prescriptive insights. Focused on business outcomes

Data Visualisation

Organizations are building huge stack of data but the key to unlock the data is through visualizations like reports, metrics, KPI’s and dashboards. Trident’s  Business Intelligence and Analytics visualization services are giving shape to the data and turning data into metrics which can be tracked at various levels by CXO’s and managers. Trident’s visualization service is tailor-made based on your organization sector which decides the key KPI’s essential for your organization. We are Delivering real-time solutions to organizations which enables them to make informed decisions.

Build End-to-End Framework From Big Data Platform to Solutions

Engineer, Monitor and Maintain

We can help you with the right skills, tools and expertise to turn your business problems into business insights. Our data engineers analyse and integrate all your data (both structured and unstructured ) and try to make it tangible for your business. Our expertise in cloud computing platforms including AWS, Google, Azure, IBM and Oracle enable us quickly build bespoke Big Data platforms that can be up and running within hours, and not days.

Predictive Analysis

With the techniques like data mining, statistical algorithms, modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we identify the likelihood of future outcomes basis the historical and existing data lying in your data warehouse. We help you understand Beyond What Has Already Happened and provided the best assessment of what will happen in the future. We build and deploy predictive modelling directly into your business processes using our multi-faceted predictive analytics capabilities in a single solution.

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