How to Select the Right ERP/CRM Implementation Partner for Your Business?

When you are looking for an ERP implementation partner for your business, you need to be very careful as everyone poses to be the best. It can become a long and tedious project since there are hundreds of partners in the market. Choosing the wrong implementation partner can cause ERP implementation to fail.  

Look for a partner with extensive knowledge and a stellar reputation in the market. Also, they must have relevant experience with companies of your kind. 

How to Choose an Implementation Partner? 

Before choosing a suitable implementation partner, there are a few things you need to take care of. Since this is expected to be a long-term business relation, a thorough research is a must. Follow the steps given below before considering a partner.   

Identify a Suitable Software  

 Analyze your business requirements and decide what software would suit you best. Spot your business’s weak points and keep a list ready for the software offering solutions for the same. It is recommended to pick a unified solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. There are many Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation partners but we suggest picking someone with one of the oldest bases such as the Trident Information Systems.  

Define the selection Criteria  

With the system stakeholders, you may want to define the selection criteria. Ask yourself questions like: 

  • If you need to customize development abilities  
  • What is the support turnaround you are looking for? 
  • What are the other capabilities your service provider can offer? 
  • What is the financial viability of your service provider?  

At last, identify which one of these requirements is a must-have or nice-to-have.  

Discuss with your IT Decision Makers  

Sit with your IT head and discuss the best possible option you could have for your business, according to the budget. Your IT team can best elaborate on the issues they face with the current technology and the most appropriate options you could pick from. Make sure your team  

can create an effective and open communication channel with the service provider since this is expected to be a long-lasting relationship.  

Be Open and Receptive While Taking Demos 

Many employees resent changes; your team might react the same. However, while you take the demo, be open about the process. Even if it seems a bit different than how you operate. It might completely shock you how you can make things even better and easier. Additionally, if it has already been included in the software you may save customization, maintenance, and support costs.  

Stay Within Budget  

Once you are satisfied with the demo, the next step is to identify your ERP Project costs. There are many stories about how ERP implementation costs go out of hand and set a bill up to threefold of the original costs. Unfortunately, these scenarios happen in real life but don’t have to be. You can ask for a phased approach. You can break down the costs over a longer period and make it easier for your staff as well. 

Post Implementation Support and Training  

Identify if the implementation partner offers post-implementation support and training. Once you go live, there will be technicalities that need further implementation assistance. Make sure the service provider is available at that time to handle your issues. Additionally, your staff needs to get familiar with the new technology and hence, require training.    

Importance Of a Good CRM/ ERP Implementation Partner 

It is important to have a good implementation partner since ERP/ CRM implementation services play a huge role in how your business is going to operate in the next five years. Following are the reasons why you need a good implementation partner for your business. 

Expert Resources 

Once you associate with an ERP Implementation Partner your business gets progressively robotized and executes a better synchronization among multiple business divisions. Data can steam more easily throughout the organization. And the best part is it eliminated postponements of data and miscommunication.  

Creates Better Strategies 

The vendor can help you understand your clients better with real-time data analysis. Understand your clients in-depth and identify their purchasing habits. With this data, you can make better strategies to retain current customers and lure new ones to the business.  

Effective Business Operations  

Once you join hands with the technology partner, you tap into the abundant expertise services. It is more time-consuming to switch your in-house experts to a new CRM/ ERP tool. You no longer have to pull your people off their current projects instead, it is time to train on your new completely implemented system.   

Greater ROI  

When you outsource CRM/ERP implementation you are bound to get a higher ROI, training a partner cut you the time on getting your system up and running your team. Instead, now your team gets enough time to carry out the tasks they are best at in the meantime. This ends up boosting your business productivity and profit.   

Automatic updates   

You no longer have to worry about the upgrades, your Implementation partner is now responsible for it. You will never fall back since you will always be on the latest technological version. Optimize the latest ERP and CRM tools to boost business productivity.   

Why Trident? 

Being Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner and D365 Implementation Partner, we offer strategic business and technology services, such as integration, implementation, migration, support to D365(AX), Business Central (NAV), LS Retail (LS Central), IoT, Mobility & Visual Quality Inspection

Armed with 150+ certified technical resources and experience of over two decades, we have set solid ground services for retail, hospitality, eCommerce, logistics, manufacturing, oil, and energy, duty-free, and education industries. We won several awards and are recognized as Microsoft and LS retail gold partners. For further enquiries or a demo contact us.