How to Optimize Transportation and Logistics with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Need an ideal solution to manage your transportation and logistics? Microsoft Dynamics is just for you. This software showers tremendous benefits like routing, vehicle tracking, temperature tracking, and warehousing within a unified platform. You can identify vendors and routings to cover inbound and outbound orders or get the cheapest shipping rates.  

Cutting Transportation costs holds the top position as far as the logistics industry is concerned, other pain points do not add any less to the challenges. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers solutions to bust pain points such as:  

  • Fuel Costs: When it comes to cost-cutting, fuel cost is the major concern of all time. Increased fuel rates add up to higher transportation costs and escalate surcharges, resulting in hiked freight rates and other included charges.  

  • Economic Crisis: Hyped fuel prices bring greater credit issues and raise inflationary demands that take a greater toll on an economy. The industry is mounted by complying with regulations, additional capacity, and declining demands with the increase in key cost centers.  

  • Technological Issues: Even though this industry recognizes the need for advanced technology, business owners fail to find the right solution to manage their transportation and logistics. Most of them either work in silos or adopt multiple software, which might even complicate their operations.  

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect solution for Your Transportation or logistics business? 

Work smarter and embrace greater flexibility in your daily operations. With a suitable service provider, having over a decade of experience such as Trident Information Systems, you can easily plan routes and identify vendors for inbound and outbound orders. Apart from this, you can claim other benefits like:  

Efficient Inbound and Outbound Planning 

 As soon as you are in the game, you cannot avoid extreme pricing. Therefore, it becomes even more essential to drive down your operational costs by enhancing inbound and outbound operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps in optimizing the shipping process when you order items from the vendors and transfer them to the end customers. Get end-to-end visibility from order to payment, claim substantial lead time reduction and enhance the overall manufacturing process.  

On-Time Delivery  

When you have an item to accept or dispatch from/to the vendor or customer, you get multiple shipping options on your plate which show up with delivery restrictions such as delivery time, costs, or distance. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can ensure timely delivery no matter what route you choose. It identifies all the factors that have a direct or indirect impact on the final delivery and ensures the fastest route possible. 

Real-Time Visibility 

Transportation management exceeds transportation concerns and includes real-time visibility into the entire order and delivery process to every individual who needs it, from procurement, production scheduling, warehousing to supply chain and staff. Real-time visibility classified under individual departments within a unified platform helps you cut costs and make more logical decisions. Apart from this, you can use this data to fill the process gaps causing variability in the supply chain.  

Warehouse Management 

Integrate supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and stay agile while receiving, picking, staging, and loading. Cut down on excess inventory and get visibility when the item was shipped, how much was shipped, and when it will arrive in real-time. End-to-end data on orders and shipments help you plan and maintain optimum inventory levels.  

Accurate Replenishment 

Inventory replenishment is one of the most crucial operations in transportation management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 optimizes this task and allows you to set up replenishment strategies based on the minimum/maximum criteria. Identify when you need to add up more inventory as soon as it hits the minimum level. Additionally, you can also set up demand-driven replenishments.  

Yard and Terminal Management 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can eliminate manual processing that slows your progress down. Get real-time visibility in your yard and terminal to minimize waiting times, increase outputs and reinforce regulations. Claim a secured, safe, and optimally productive yard.  

Spot the Most Appropriate Carrier  

With cutting-edge business intelligence, access the large network of suppliers and carriers existing right now. Browse through thousands of vendors and suppliers and pick up the one that suits you the best. Get a unified view of all carriers and identify where they stand against one another, also analyze their performance over time.  

Why Would You Choose Trident Amongst All the Partners? 

Trident Information Systems, being the gold partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365, boasts decades of experience with various transportation and logistics firms. We research your business and assemble tools to customize the perfect solution. We assist in managing schedules, analysis, errors, integrations, capacity plans, and workflow.  

Trident’s Logistics suite includes Rail Operations, Yard Management, transportation management, warehouse management, billing solutions, and fleet management. Additionally, this suite collaborates with our globally recognized HCM and Finance Modules. It integrates with your organization’s operational aspects and provides a smooth workflow.