How Retailers Thrive Moving Their ERP to Cloud?


Retailers these days are mounted with the pressure of providing excellent products / Services while satisfying customers at the same time. COVID 19 has contributed the most to this mindset. Where people were restricted to their homes, retailers had to upgrade their services in order to reach their customers and survive. Unfortunately, some of them could not take the load and shut down, however, those who innovated and implemented technologies like Microsoft ERP Implementation are immune to the crisis.  

However, technology consequently advanced to deal with the same. With powerful tools and intelligent AI-based technology, this seems possible. As soon as a retailer starts using the cloud, his entire team can access the real-time data whenever they need it, enabling every employee to take steps right when they are needed. In addition, moving your ERP to the cloud can deliver the following benefits to a retail business: 

  • Complete security 

  • Reliable and unified real-time data   

  • Cost and Time Efficiency 

  • Helps keep up with trends 

  • Adds intelligence to the business  

  • Scalability  


Provides Security  

As soon as you move your ERP to the cloud, you no longer have to fuss about a security breach. The entire responsibility shifts from the in-house system to the cloud service provider.  

Be it data legislation, security protocols, privacy requirements, or preventing the latest threats: each one of these is the provider’s responsibility. Therefore, even if there is a malware attack, you do not have to run and turn on the (figurative) fires in the middle of midnight. Microsoft experts will handle your problems anytime, anywhere.  


Provides Real-Time and Unified Data 

When you move your ERP to the cloud like Dynamics ERP Implementation, you and your team can easily access real-time data (in the shape of reports, dashboards, charts, etc.) and make more logical and quicker decisions. Having a unified AI-based platform like the one Microsoft offers, you can get intuitive reports extracted from big data. Various retailers struggle with inventory management and do not even realize how much it drains their money. Being backed up with live data, retailers can manage their assets more effectively.  


Cuts Time and Costs Bot 

As compared to on-premise IT infrastructure, Cloud infrastructure is much more reliable and cost-efficient. On-Premise IT needs assembly, testing, implementation followed by other costly development stages. Since every piece of data is stored in-house, ruptured hardware needs to be replaced as soon as possible. However, it is a lot simpler in the case of the cloud: there is no dedicated server at work which greatly reduces the implementation costs.  


Keeps Up with the Current Trends 

Traditional IT environments can take months to add new functionality. Meanwhile, businesses might lose some great opportunities due to this delay. Competitiveness depends a lot upon the effectiveness and efficiency of a business to grasp trends and make valuable decisions. Having the cloud at your service, you can enable yourself to use some power apps to keep you intact with the current trends. To stay at the top of the competition, you must understand customer behavior, spending pattern, and preferences.  

Adds Intelligence to Business 

One of the greatest benefits of using the cloud is that businesses can benefit themselves with advanced computational power. They can leverage the potency of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-powered technology. This way, they get valuable insights into their business, make more logical decisions, improve productivity, and increase competitiveness. Applications like Power BI extract big data into insightful reports, these reports can essentially help understand every customer contacting your business, if combined with AI, it can even provide valuable market insights. These facilities are easily available with the cloud. 


Scales with Your Business  

Cloud-based ERP is the ideal choice for rapidly scaling businesses. It might take months to set your on-premise ERP for your growing business, also, it is a pretty costly affair. Many retailers will not prefer to shift from their on-premise system as long as it “works.” Little do they realize how it slows down your growth. If you want to expand your boundaries outside of your country, think about how much investment will it demand? The best way out is to upgrade your ERP to the cloud.  

Time grows, and so does your business. It is time to embrace cloud-based ERP like Microsoft D365. If you are looking for an implementation partner, you can contact Trident Information Systems. We are one of the best ERP software provider in India.