How ERP Combats Short Labor Supply in Warehouses?

Call it labor shortage, exploding demands, or both, manufacturers face tumultuous stress in 2020. As factories, warehouses, and markets open, the shortage of labor is not going anywhere. As of June 2021, US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, manufacturing added up to 15,000 jobs, but employment is still down by 481,000 from the February 2020 count. Warehousing added 11,000 new jobs. However, the number is still down to 94,000 over the same period.  

There are various factors driving labor shortage. Labors might leave one job for another in search of better facilities, salary, flexible working hours, and so on. Therefore, it becomes crucial to retain your existing staff.  

  • Ensure hygiene and employee safety at your warehouse.  

  • Establish ergonomic workstations and equipment.  
  • Allow flexible work schedules.  
  • Enable ongoing training support.  
  • Equip your staff enough to handle multiple jobs. 
  • Be receptive to your employee’s opinions. 
  • No matter what factors are driving labor shortages, the manufacturers have to be more creative when it comes to dealing with labor. One of the best ways to deal with the labor shortage is to adopt an end-to-end ERP.  

How ERP Combats Labor Shortage in Warehouses? 

Digital transformation comprises all the strategies and methods that ensure optimum labor utilization. Bring a new life to your shop floor and transform your organization for the better. Apart from this, you can make complete use of your shop floor.  

Centralizes Control 

Keep tabs on all the warehouses from a single vision of reality. Turn big data into insightful dashboards. Identify insufficient processes and embrace growth opportunities. Generate more time and save finances with organization-wide visibility highlighting every growth-oriented opportunity. Have the comprehensive big data report at hand and build more effective processes or relocate your existing staff accordingly. Browse through current demands and available inventory and make effective strategies. Have improved communication and collaboration from top to bottom.  

Automate Operations 

ERP doubled with robotics automates manual and recurring tasks. It enables accelerated operations and more accuracy while helping you deliver the right services on time to your customers. Your plant and other stimulating areas get safer. While ERP focuses on the supply chain, other workers can focus on more creative or innovative tasks of the organization. With an end-to-end ERP, you can manage your back office with minimum staff working on it. Let the technology make floor plans for you so you can store your products in the most suitable locations within the warehouse.  

Unifies Different Business Modules 

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning integrates and automates cynical business factors within the same technological environment, such as manufacturing, finance, inventory and order management, customer, communication, sales and marketing, project management, and human resource. You no longer need to hire multiple people to engage in these sections, the technology does the work for you. You need minimum staff with data unification. 

Inventory Tracking  

ERP delivers real-time inventory management. From the moment it enters the warehouse till the time it is dispatched. Some ERP service providers like Microsoft D365 enable tracking via mobile phones and other devices of your choice. It ensures inventory tracking anytime without having anyone else collecting and sharing the reports. Discard expired products and keep tabs on inventory that has already been dispatched. Make sure you never run out-of-stock and optimally locate the product within the warehouse.  

Innovative Technology 

Robotics helps fill labor gaps and increase productivity. As soon as you integrate robots with equipment, the staff starts getting more familiar with their uses. Some end-to-end ERP solution providers, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, include advanced business intelligence and data analysis that transforms big data into visually actionable dashboards. Many researches conducted has shown that workers perform their tasks better with innovative technologies. The output rises as they start enjoying their jobs. A little creativity does the trick.  

Better Transparency 

With the advent of social media, millennials, and their younger subordinates extortionate sharing their ideas in the workplace. Microsoft Dynamics 365 fuels enterprise-extensive transparency and collaboration to meet this standard. Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates different modules within a single system and enables organizational data through intuitive and sharp dashboards, promoting unparalleled visibility. Moreover, it has a unified platform called MS Teams, which connects employees with one another. Irrespective of their position, they can tap into a free flow of communication instantly. For instance, Warehouse staff can quickly communicate to the inventory manager about stocking-in or discarding certain products.  

Final Words  

The labor shortage is a worldwide issue. As soon as markets opened, the labor shortage caused grave pain. An end-to-end ERP solution can help businesses deal better with enabling centralized control, operation automation, multiple module integration, and so on. Trident Information Systems is a Gold Microsoft Partner that has served various businesses so far. Reinforced with over two decades of experience and a 150+ skillful team, Trident has accomplished a solid track record. For further queries or a demonstration, contact us.