How does Microsoft Azure Cloud Help to Boost Productivity & Security?

If you are looking for a service that boosts your business productivity and provides security to your organization’s data then Microsoft Azure cloud computing is for you. Take advantage of highly available, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure with Azure, and pay only for the resources you use.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing helps in: 

  • Boosting remote productivity with a seamless virtual desktop experience.
  • Delivering efficiency with unified security and management capabilities.
  • Saving money by migrating to the cloud and getting more value from existing investments.

Today’s businesses face significant challenges, from enabling a remote work infrastructure and responding to increasing cyberattacks to managing cash flow. 

Many companies follow policies to secure customer data however, many times fail to fulfill end-to-end security requirements. Hacking attempts might not let a business use its software. Up to 28% of businesses encounter data breaches and loss of revenue. It is a serious issue that needs to be fixed. 

Poor work management is one of the factors hampering your business productivity. Every organization hires managers to create strategies and implement them in the best way possible for maximum output. Lower productivity could also be an outcome of insufficiency of your current technology. 

How Azure Guarantees Security?

It is recommended to follow best security practices soon as you put your data on Azure. With a built-in security control, Azure gets you faster protection across network, identity, data, and tools with threat protection and security management. Microsoft Azure Services provides the following services: 

Manages Access and Identity: 

with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft centrally manages access throughout your cloud services such as Office 365 and multiple PaaS and SaaS cloud as well as on-premise services. Active Directory is the most used directory service globally. You can also secure your access with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication as recommended by Microsoft itself. 

Guarantees Network Security:

With the help of Azure Virtual Network (VNet), Azure builds and maintains a secured network by segmenting subnets and configuring access rules via network and application security groups. You can also extend your on-premises network with a dedicated AzureExpressRoute connection or a VPN. it also protects your applications with its in-built Web Application firewall. It has already been announced that Azure DDoS Protection Standards offers better control over your DDoS Protection for virtual networks with turnkey protection, alerting, and telemetry. 

Safeguards Data and Manage Secrets

 When your data is in transit, don’t worry about the security as Azure takes care of it. It uses industry-standard protocols for data encryption in transit between devices and Microsoft datacenters. The best part is that you can even protect your data when the recent Azure confidential computing is using it. 

Threat Detection With Unified Security Management

Get insights into your security issues with the Microsoft Azure security center. Scan your workload and get a picture of what you need to fix. Azure security center exceeds the agentless alternative capacities you can find in other cloud services to detect threats in virtual machines and cloud resources with the help of an agent. You can make your security posture more firm with its reach across networking, identity, data, security management, and threat protection. 

Boost Productivity with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing with other Microsoft services promises a productivity boost by streamlining work processes and offering a comprehensive ecosystem for the organization. 

You can get the following benefits: 

Various Scalability Options 

Microsoft integrates industry-standard level functions in azure. Organizations do not even have to fear going out of budget if integrated advanced solutions are what they are looking for. With Azure’s established infrastructure they can easily deploy and modify their web apps virtually in no time. 

A comprehensive Microsoft Ecosystem

This is one of the significance of Microsoft Azure, it comes with seamless integrations with your current Microsoft database and applications. Most of the businesses use Microsoft’s legacy organizational app suite for several years. When you adopt Azure, you do not have to bother with those tedious seminars since Microsoft cloud-based services offer the same user interface and have an essence familiar with almost all the Microsoft products. 

A Reliable Analytical Support 

Organizations form their strategies by simply engaging with advanced data analytics. Earlier this was an easily available option for enterprise-size businesses however, with a digital boost and craving for the “big data ” even SMBs can access this feature. 

You can easily manage and access your organizational data with Microsoft Azure and get valuable insights. With the help of machine learning abilities, managed SQL services, stream analytics, and Cortana analytics your business gets wide assistance to make more valuable decisions and reveal the latest opportunities for sustainable and continuous growth. 

Widespread Data Centre 

Microsoft Azure owns more data centers than anyone else all across the globe which allows instant data access and eliminates any time lag that can hamper your productivity. For a business aiming to scale, data lagging can be one of the biggest hurdles of all time. As virtual machine systems replicate data throughout various regions, each user benefits from cloud connection. 

Backup and Archive 

You can comply with business requirements and eliminate expensive business disruptions with Microsoft Azure. You no longer have to worry about data loss since you have azure backup storage and archive options. Minimize cost and complexity and enhance efficiency and scalability. Even if you on-premise device damages, you still have your data backed up within the cloud. Business operations are bound to run smoothly. You can keep up with your business expansion and reduce deployment and management costs. 

Disaster Recovery 

If you majorly rely on your on-premise system to process your business operations, it is essential to get a back-up plan ready as a minute system outrage can cause you severe losses. With Microsoft Azure you get a disaster recovery plan which allows a complete data download; from site data to application data in one go. Therefore, you can swear by its security and continuity of your operations.  

Bottom line 

Microsoft Azure Cloud computing can be a game-changer for enterprises and SMBs. If you are looking for a skilled and experienced Microsoft partner you may contact Trident Information Systems, Microsoft D365 gold partners since 2004.