How do Successful Loyalty Programs Help in Increasing Sales and Drives Customer Behavior?

Did you know if you manage to boost your customer engagement rate by as low as 5%, your profit can increase up to 60%? Loyalty programs are a great measure to increase customer engagement from both existing and new customers.  

Loyalty programs deliver tremendous benefits to a business, they make the customers feel being cared for, recognized, and valued. Why wouldn’t anyone want to come back to you if you make them feel special? Apart from financial, these programs proffer non-financial benefits as well.  

Note that not just any loyalty programs will provide the same benefits, you need to carefully hold research, track customer behavior, understand their spending pattern, and generate customer driving strategies. A unified ERP software like LS Retail can help create loyalty programs like a piece of cake. Essential data is automatically generated in the form of dashboards, providing a single vision of truth. Therefore, driving customer behavior and boosting sales.  

Why is Customer Loyalty so Important? 

Research has shown that 80% of your business comes from your loyal 20% of customers. An effective loyalty program can ensure repeat business from 47% of your customers. Amazing eye-catching deals can drive a good sum of customers back to your business.  

Most people believe that brands should offer loyalty programs while 60% of internet users address ‘earning rewards’ as one of the most valued aspects of a retail shopping experience. It is best to use software that helps create loyalty programs like LS Retail, where customers can earn loyalty points and redeem them in your retail store and its respective chains. You can create different schemes and set rules on how to collect and spend points. 

Apart from this it can help segment different customers based on their spending patterns, choices, and habits. It also keeps track of the vouchers and offers that are redeemed or on stand-by.  

How Effective Loyalty Programs Help Boosting Customer Sales? 

An effective loyalty program can do wonders for your business, boost sales and connect with the customers emotionally. Nothing is more effective than a loyalty program based on a customer’s desires, spending pattern, behavior, and similar factors. Research has shown that people’s emotions drive them to purchase more than their needs. Given below are its amazing benefits:  

Greater ROI  

It is costlier to acquire new customers than to retain the existing ones. Paying for different forms of promotions can add up to the marketing costs significantly. Additionally, 50% of your existing customers are more likely to spend more on your new product. Hence, providing a higher ROI.  

Stay Ahead of the Competition 

Shoppers tend to go through a hundred brands before buying a product in a few clicks keeping the product in mind more than the store. It might drive a few businesses like yours to the bottom, putting larger stores like Amazon at the top.  

Loyalty programs can change your game while not relying on the pricing alone. Since buyers tend to spend more based on their emotions than their requirements, a loyalty program understands the customer and creates perfect schemes for them. It makes them feel special and connects them on an emotional level.  

Understand your Customers  

A loyalty program helps you understand your customers better, their preferences, and predict their behavior. With a loyalty program feature, you can effortlessly identify trends, micro-segments and anticipate demands. Upgrade your marketing campaigns keeping customer habits in mind. Plan your stock, mix-match products, and boost cross-selling and upselling. All the channels a customer uses to access your business can store their data, process them, and turn them into insightful dashboards. Without proper customer insights, your business fails to create effective deals and offers. 

New Customer Engagement  

With a well-structured loyalty program, you can incentivize referrals, rewarding customers who bring new customers to your business. There is convincing evidence suggesting that referred customers are more profitable and loyal than non-referred customers ensuring more loyalty and low churn rates. 83% of customers show greater trust in personal referral than any other form of marketing. McKinsey’s study shows that referrals generate twice the sales of paid promotions.  

Creates Brand Advocates 

Loyalty programs not only encourage people to increase their engagement with your business but also promote it. According to some research, loyalty programs help boost referral promotion. People recommend a business to their friends and family members if they are happy with the loyalty schemes. Showing your customers how much you value them connects them emotionally and turns them into your brand advocates. Additionally, 86% of costumes engage with a brand by spreading the word.  

Final Words  

More customer engagement is the essence to boost sales. Ensure customer engagement with effective loyalty programs as it ensures a greater ROI, keeps you ahead in the competition, understands your customers, engages new customers, and creates brand advocates. ERP software services like LS Retail integrate all the channels and extract customer details which later help in making effective loyalty programs. Trident Information systems is a Gold Partner of LS Retail and has served various businesses so far. For further queries or a demonstration contact us.