Dynamics 365 Business Central

How Business Central Changes the Game for Your Growing Business?

Are you running a growing business, but your current retail management ecosystem is unable to cope? It gets even harder if you use different software for different tasks. Not to mention the fat cost of ownership that demands maintenance, upgrades, and repairs. You can instead use Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is the upgraded version of NAV Dynamics.  

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, being a Unified Software Solution based on the cloud, can support more customizations with ease. It offers enough flexibility for remote work and allows access from any mobile device. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning platform that supports Customer Relationship Management at the same time. Hence allowing you to understand your customers and enhance sales.  

You can either use it as a stand-alone solution or integrate it with other Dynamics 365 applications to coordinate with your growth. The best part is that it is excellent for SMBs. Moreover, D365 specializes in automation, which encourages you to relax, and take a well-deserved lunch break.  

Dynamics 365 Business Central also aids your budget management. With a pay-per-person model and monthly subscriptions, you do not have to pay for the heavy upfront costs, unlike other business management solutions.  

You Should Implement Business Central If:  

  • You run a small or midsize business.  
  • You have outgrown your accounting software.  
  • You rely on multiple software Systems.  
  • Your business requires a flexible and customizable solution.  
  • You want better data security. 

There are a lot of Dynamics 365 Business Central Features. In this blog, we will discuss how you can benefit from Dynamics 365 Business Central and seamlessly manage your growing business.  

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Aids Your Business Management? 

We have rounded up the top 6 benefits of Business Central Dynamics 365, to give you a better understanding of how this Unified ERP and CRM can aid and cooperate with your business growth.  

#1 Low-Cost Ownership  

As a small to midsize business, if you are struggling with managing the budget, D365 Business Central can help you with it. With low infrastructure maintenance, no upgrade costs, fixed monthly subscription fees, and low investment in dedicated IT resources you can get better control of your cash flow. This can never be the case with disparate systems. There is a fat upfront cost, massive infrastructure, and high maintenance and upgrade costs usually lead to a depressing balance sheet. 

#2 Single Source of Truth  

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can get a single source of truth i.e., D365 BC stores data from different departments in a single location which is updated in real-time. Hence, everyone in the company can access the same data at the same time. Connecting data across finance, sales, accounting, purchasing, and inventory will especially help decision makers to go through live reports and take necessary actions fast.  

#3 ERP and CRM on the Same Platform  

D365 Business Central is an ERP and CRM on the same platform. On one hand, it helps plan and manage enterprise resources and on the other, it helps solidify customer relationships. It provides essential insights into customer behavior, previous interactions, cross-sell and upsell history, and returns. You can easily analyze the customer experience and make better strategies to enhance it. You can easily track return requests, and after-sales issues, manage service requests, and track repair details. You can spot where your products/ services are lacking to make necessary modifications.  

#4 Warehouse and Supply Chain Management  

Dynamics 365 Business Central is packed with supply chain and warehouse management features. You can automate your supply chain with predictive stock replenishment and create purchase orders based on sales forecasts and expected stock-outs. You can also optimize your warehouse and find the best placement for your items using the templates. Fulfill orders optimally and get tips on how to speed up your shipments.  

#5 Flexible and Easy to Grow  

Dynamics for Business Central is hosted on and by Microsoft Azure Cloud. Hence, your data is easily accessible, and you can run your business from anywhere, anytime. This technology is critical in the era where lockdowns are inevitable and sudden. You can either use this software as a stand-alone or even integrate it with other Microsoft apps as per your growing needs. It is flexible enough to support your scaling.  

#6 Data Security Compliance  

Microsoft has engaged 3,500 IT experts to look after your data. Running on Microsoft Azure Services, it stores and backs up all your data. Using different features such as authentication, authorization, auditing, and data encryption, you can further protect your application. Dynamics 365 Business Central also ensures your business is compliant. If you run a business globally, you can make changes accordingly and your data will be stored in the database in a way that complies with local laws.  

If you are considering this solution or need extra information, you can Contact Trident Information Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner and LS Central Diamond Partner