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The robust, feature-rich, analytics-equipped, user-friendly Trident’s Campus Vision Solution built on a cutting-edge and flexible architecture – enables educational institutions to automate & streamline their functions and processes for both learning and administration, from prospecting to graduation.

Transform for Today and Tomorrow

As a higher education administrator, you are expected to rein in budgets and reallocate funds, yet grow academic programs. You’re forecasting enrollments and projecting faculty headcount, while trying to reduce administrative costs. Your department needs greater data visibility to improve operational efficiency, but it must also maintain audit standards and compliance reporting schedules.

To overcome these challenges, you want an administrative solution designed for higher education that enables you to transform operations and optimize resources.

Manage Operations with the Industry Best

Business and HR offices walk a fine line between wanting best-of-breed software functionality and needing to stay within budget. With Trident’s Campus Vision Finance, HR & Payroll, your institution benefits from world-class Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM technology that has been tailored specifically to the needs of higher education. You get the most universally recognized brand name for managing operations and resources already configured with the most proven tools for higher Education


Benefits of Our Solutions

Minimizing high administrative overhead

Easy to use and high functionality footprint

Strong financial control and flexibility

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Time-saving in processing student applications
Time-saving in payment collection deposit and rental
Reduction in paper and file retention
reduction in human error
reduction in time to turn a room around with mobile technology

Dynamic Web Portal – CMS

Is independent webbased CMS for Institutions like Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Engineering, management, Medical, Degree College.

Online Fee Payment

Online Fee Payment provides option to Parents to pay the Fees Online via various payment instruments like credit Cards, Debit cards and Net Banking.

Interactive SMS

Onway information broadcasting tool to provide Institute/ Organisation related information to the students/parents/visitors/staff on their mobile

Smart Card

Applications can benefits from the added features and security that smart cards provide. It can be used for Smart Identity Card, library card, fees Payment etc.

Access Control System (biometric / RFID)

Access control means restricting the entry of unauthorized person(s) or employee(s)/ student(s) to a particular section of the organisation.


This solution provides up-to-the-minute data for tracking vehicles with Online Alerts: Provides critical alerts such as over speeding, acceleration/ deceleration, unauthorized stoppages etc.


Trident Campus incorporate barcode for various purpose like library, stock verification, student card, library card, transport card, Hostal card and staff id cards etc to maintain the integrity and security

Mobile App

Trident Campus Vision App provides synopsis of day to day performance and growth of their Ward in all phases like Academic, Social, Psychological and Co-curricular front in the Institution at single point.

Campus Visions Solutions

For Schools
You can manage your Schools Administrative activities on our Cloud platform, such as fees, students, staff, sms, email, parents login, android application etc.

For Colleges
You can manage your Colleges activities on our Cloud platform, such as fees, students, staff, ams, email, parents login, attendance, android application etc.

For Group of Institutions
you can manage all the schools, colleges in your group centrally. You can monitor them centrally with all the modules available in school and college packages

For franchaise’s & Resellers
You can manage 100’s of schools or colleges, sub-resellers and your franchise owners and schools with all the features of campus management cloud solution.


Student EnrolmentStudent Management SystemFaculty ManagementHRMFinance, Accounting, & Revenue RecognitionBI Gain Insight

Student Enrolment

Where most CRM brands come to higher education from other industries, Trident’s Campus Vision Solution on Microsoft Dynamics  365 CRM is built specifically for higher education. Your mission is our only focus. With a history of success across a wide range of institutions and missions, this proven solution provides greater visibility into your constituents’ experiences and needs, enables highly personalized communications and services, and drives success across the student lifecycle, including:

  • Recruiting and Admissions
  • Strategic Enrolment Management
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Services
  • Retention and Student Success
  • Career Services
  • Alumni and Advancement

Students have more choices than ever in deciding which institution will best help them achieve their academic and career goals. At the same time, schools are facing increased enrollment challenges in the face of this competition. To succeed, you need to recruit and engage a broader spectrum of constituents and keep students on the path to graduation.

Now there is a powerful solution to help you transform in this new world, one that provides a comprehensive view of each constituent, and helps you achieve goals for recruitment, retention, student outcomes, and alumni relations.

Student Management System

A robust system to effectively manage Pre-Admission, Admission, Examination & Results (Student life cycle), HRMS , Finance, Administrative & Other activities of Institutes with ERP platform for accurate report generation and for monitoring and quick decision making by key authorities. It will help in reduction of redundant workload of department employees

Faculty Management

Successful faculty recruitment, onboarding, support, and management are critical to student and institutional success. Trident’s Campus Vision  solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365  Finance, HR & Payroll includes proven tools for:

  • Faculty Administration – track position type, tenure status, certifications and competencies, teaching load, performance, professional memberships, and knowledge creation
  • Faculty and Program ROI – measure faculty productivity and value of courses both in terms of financial ROI and student outcomes
  • Faculty Payroll and Benefits – manage multiple faculty types and compensation schedules (full time/part time, tenure/non-tenure, adjunct, contract, teaching assistant/graduate assistant) including multiple contracts and stipends

Human Resource Management

Your institution’s most valuable assets are the  faculty, staff, and administrators working to guide your students to success. You need a global view of the organization and the ability to extend self-service functionality to your workforce.

Trident’s Campus Vision  solution  on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, HR & Payroll helps you manage and optimize:

  • Human Resources – oversee your entire employee base, positions, and workforce alignment
  • Payroll – process all aspects of employee compensation, payments, and withholdings
  • Talent – attract the best resources with native LinkedIn tools and support employee onboarding, engagement, and growth
  • Employee Benefits – administer multiple levels of benefits based on role, length of employment, standard packages, and elective categories

Finance, Accounting, and Revenue Recognition

Whether your institution has one campus or 100, you need feature-rich functionality that keeps you in control of the processes critical to sound fiscal management. Trident’s Campus Vision solution  on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance, HR & Payroll includes:

  • General Ledger – manage ledger, sales tax, currency, year-end closing and financial statements
  • Cash and Bank Management – administer bank accounts and bank reconciliations
  • Accounts Receivable – oversee tuition and services invoices and incoming payments
  • Accounts Payable – process vendor invoices and outgoing payments
  • Student Accounting – record student information, including charges, payments, refunds, and adjustments
  • Fund Source Management – create and manage the funding sources available to students, from federal grants, loans, and work-study, to state aid, private scholarships, and institutional grants
  • Fixed Assets – track and depreciate assets such as equipment, technology, furnishings, vehicles, and buildings

Business Intelligence Gain Insight Through Data-Driven Analytics

Trident Campus Vision on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CRM includes a data warehouse with analytic views across a range of student metrics and KPIs. Combined with powerful interactive data visualization tools from Microsoft Power BI, Campus Management provides the most cost-effective reporting solution for measuring


“We chose dynamics CRM online to address our need for MIS and data analysis for better decision making. We also wanted to provide a high level of support to customers, who are demanding, and want continuous update about their application status”


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