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Food & Hospitality Service Industry as a whole has many challenges from planning to operations. We provide Software to Restaurants (Quick Service to Fine Dine-in), Cafe, Bars, etc., to reduce Operational Cost and Increase Revenue

Intense competition and an unrelenting focus on cost control and profitability are driving retail procure-to-pay teams to look at new ways of doing business, including new operating models, controls and technologies. The increasing trend for online and mobile ordering is changing the face of Retail Hospitality and Leisure. So too is customers’ use of social media to express their satisfaction – or otherwise!

Increased Revenue with Targeted Marketing

Capture data so you can create effective offers and rewards. Generate more revenue through Loyalty & gift card programme

Gain Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business

Give your customers exceptional, multi-channel customer service and gain their loyalty

  • Promotions, campaigns, offers and meal deals
  • E-commerce and mobile loyalty
  • Fast and precise delivery service

Faster Table Turns

Monitor table availability and match party size to table size. More table turns = more revenue

Increased Reservations

Integrate your guest management software with our online booking services or use Open Table – take bookings 24/7, 365 days a year

Better Waste Control

Manage items in stock efficiently and minimise shrinkage. Plan your meals in advance and rationalize your ingredients orders

Reduce Labour Costs

Forecast labour needs and mitigate against

Proactive Social Media Management

Track sites like Tripadvisor and get alerts if adverse reviews are posted

Improve Fraud Detection and Prevention

Protect your bottom line. Eliminate staff theft

Multi-Site Efficiency

Reports show your business end-to-end. Make menu changes across your estate in seconds

Business Analytics

 Check and analyse your performance in real time with our all-in-one system for front- and back-of-house operations.

Award-Winning Support

From our 24/7 global helpdesk


Our Solutions for Retail Hospitality

Dynamics 365

Connecting the Customer

LS One

Stock control and EPOS for small to mid sized retailers

LS Retail

Agile control of your business processes

Digital Transformation

Digital is no longer a purview of only Banking, Insurance, Healthcare or Retail. The Restaurant industry is having pressure from multiple directions. 

Today’s consumer expects fresh food, whether it is in season or not, with an exotic dining experience.

Successful restaurants recognize that the easy path to their customers’ stomachs begins in their minds. They need to grab customer’s attention and entice them with a memorable experience in order to trigger repeat visits.

Here are some of the applications of Digital disruption in the restaurants & food service industry:

  • Digital Signage to deliver eye-catching graphics to engage customers the moment they walk through the door
  • Online reservations using mobile app & flexibility of customization of menu as per customer taste.
  • Loyalty programs based on Big data and analytics, the businesses in the hospitality sector are not only able to create laser targeted marketing campaigns but are also able to measure success.
  • Digital supply chains to accurate demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and cost reduction.
  • Chatbots: Restaurants are using virtual assistants to respond to customer inquiries and to process and customize customer orders. Taco Bell, Pizza hut have adopted chatbots to automate ordering process from a social media platform.
  • Robots – Restaurants are using AI-driven robots to increase capacity and speed of food preparation and delivery.
  • Developers are designing applications which use AI to help consumers choose meals & suggest foods based on their eating preferences.
  • Kiosks – Restaurants are integrating AI-driven self-service Kiosks to reduce customer waiting time and enhance the customer ordering experience.
  • Pay by phone and flexible paying options



Four clear conclusions emerge from the recent evolution of digital in the restaurant industry:

  • Consumers have embraced digital, and it is changing the game more quickly than many appreciate.
  • Early movers have a significant advantage.
  • In order to compete, brands need a well-defined digital strategy backed by well-chosen investment priorities.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all answer, although there are some common “table stakes” moves that all brands should consider.

Payment Integration

Give your customers the choice to pay online. Trident provides integrations with multiple leading online payment service providers. Accept online payments from the popular digital wallets without any hassles.

Online Ordering

It is always advisable to have a presence on multiple food ordering services so as to not miss out on potential customers. Trident  allows you to automatically accept orders from various platforms and saves you the hassle of adding them manually into the POS at the end of each day. The entire customer data and order details are automatically added to the POS software. Trident  smart CRM module fetches this data instantly and sorts the customers into buckets according to their behavior.

Our Customers in Retail Hospitality

Case Studies

Devyani International Limited (DIL) is the fastest growing company in the Indian retail Food
& Beverage sector, with presence in 9 countries…


Sagar Ratna has expanded, grown and become the preferred destination for South Indian cuisines across India.


BTW manufacturer of NAMKEENS , SWEETS , Chaats , had a business where shelf life was most critical. In most cases,.



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