Dynamics NAV Technical Course Content

Dynamics NAV Technical Training

Trident is Gold Microsoft Dynamics Partner, we are offering dynamics NAV Functional training to professionals & students. Which are looking for career in Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment

  • Basic Objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Object Designer Fundamentals
  • Team Development Features
  • Physical and the Logical Databases
  • Designing and Running an Object


  • Table Fundamentals
  • Primary and Secondary Keys
  • Table Relationships
  • Special Table Fields
  • Create a Table


  • Page Fundamentals
  • Page Designer
  • Page Types and Characteristics
  • Create a Card and a List Page

Introduction to C/al Programming

  • C/al Programming
  • Intrinsic Data Types
  • Identifiers, Variables, and Syntax
  • Variable Scope
  • Investigate Data Types

Assignment Statements and Expressions

  • Assignment Statements
  • The Syntax of Statements
  • Automatic Type Conversions
  • Use Assignment Statements and the Symbol Menu
  • Expressions, Terms, and Operators
  • The String Operator Function Calls in Expressions
  • Numeric Expressions
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational and Logical Expressions
  • Relational Expressions for Comparison
  • Relational Expressions for Set Inclusion
  • Logical Expressions
  • Use Logical and Relational Expressions in a Page

C/al Statements

  • Conditional Statements and Boolean Expressions
  • The IF Statement
  • The EXIT Statement
  • The CASE Statement
  • Compound Statements and Comments
  • The Syntax of Compound Statements
  • Compound Statement by Using Nested IF Statements
  • The Syntax of Comments
  • Practice: Nested IF
  • Use Conditional and Compound Statements
  • Array
  • The Syntax of Arrays
  • The Power of Arrays
  • Strings as Arrays of Characters
  • Repetitive Statements
  • The WITH Statement

C/al Functions

  • Functions and Parameters
  • Review Built-in Functions
  • Data Access Functions
  • Sorting and Filtering Functions
  • Data Manipulation Functions
  • Working with Fields
  • User Interaction Functions
  • Other Common CAL Functions
  • Create Custom Functions
  • Local Functions, Variables and the EXIT Statement
  • Create Custom Functions


  • Reports Fundamentals
  • Report Design Process
  • Design the Data Model
  • Creating a Data Model
  • Designing the Layout
  • The Request Page Designer
  • Design the Request Options Page
  • Grouping and Totaling
  • Add Advanced Features
  • Creating a Basic Report


  • XMLPort Fundamentals
  • Design XMLports
  • Create an XMLport to Export XML Data
  • Importing and Exporting Plain Text
  • Create an XMLport to Export Variable Text
  • Using XMLports in C/AL Code

Codeunits & Queries

  • Codeunit Fundamentals
  • Design Codeunits
  • Use Codeunits
  • SMTP
  • Query Design
  • Using a Query from a Chart
  • Accessing Queries from C/AL
  • Using Queries in C/AL
  • Advanced Query Concepts

Fee & Training Duration

Fee : INR 30,000

Duration: 2 Weeks

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