Retail POS Solution

Retail POS Solution

How Modern POS Can Help You to Boost Productivity of Your Restaurant

Nearly a quarter of dining owners and managers who have not updated their core restaurant POS software over the previous year intend to do so over the coming 12 months, based on new research. If you are in this class, how can you ensure that you select the appropriate technology and make the most of your investment?

Your POS device is your business’s pulse, and it’s a big and risky thing to replace it. That’s why so many restaurants are stuck to outdated cash registers and obsolete POS systems. Even after considering the limitations of your existing system, you don’t want to experience the trouble of a total overhaul of software and you’re hesitant to make a huge investment without knowing what the return on investment is. However, odds are, your old tech is diminishing your business and keep you behind worse than you know.

But where are you going to begin?

You need a new POS that is designed to meet your unique business needs. The correct solution could fully change the way your employees work, providing productivity returns – and even an employee’s job satisfaction. If you model your POS system correctly, the productivity of your dining floor could be improved by at least 20 percent. Now the main question is how? We’ll tell you in the following context.

1-) POS which simulates your menu

Arrange and display every food product from your stock including modifiers, in your POS, based on how consumers view it on the menu and make life a lot easier for your employees. They will be able to handle communicative instructions, where they can take orders in the same way that customers reel them off. No mayo and extra sweet onion sauce? No issue. You can set up your system to allow your employees to spend more time conversing with your consumers instead of modifying orders and browsing a user interface to discover customized alternatives.

We have collaborated with a large restaurant chain that saw efficiencies on the restaurant floor improve by as much as 40% because their workers use a POS system that matches the menu. After its deployment, they can manage requests for orders quicker. Customers are happy because they get great service, as well as being faster in and out of their seats.

2) Color-coded sections 

So you’ve arranged your POS just like your menu. You will make the system much simpler for your employees by having a colour code for each course. Orange starters, Pink paws, and Yellow desserts. And you could even break this down by getting color-coded parts in your courses. With such colour signs (which can be set as grayscale for all those who are visually impaired), employees will be able to flit between courses in less time and see all the different options for every menu item simply. Having your POS menu in this clean and descriptive manner will enable your employees to focus on delivering good customer service and enable them to work more effectively as well.

 3) Flexibility in seating and payment 

A group of guests enters your restaurant. They reserved seats online beforehand. The workers will easily review their booking information on the POS, which includes details of food allergies and dietary requirements criteria and make them seated quickly. Nearby, they recognize their colleagues at different tables putting their orders. They request if they can eat together with their food served at the same time. No issue, Due to the way the table management operates, your employees can effectively use the built-in seating application to shift diners around and feed information into the kitchen in real-time to ensure that their food order is in the right queue and that all meals come together.

Now they want to pay, and in various ways, they want to split the bill. Some choose to pay for their shared bottle of champagne and others need to pay for their beverages. Once again, the employees can meet their needs using the intuitively built POS, conveniently dividing the expense of the bill appropriately, enabling for gratuity and taking taxes into account directly. No errors, no trouble.

 4) Centralized POS System

Role-adjusted, permission-controlled user interfaces that all tap into the same central system ensures that your employees can effectively communicate with just some taps of the monitor and access the information they require. If everyone works from a single source of truth, you can enable them to work more efficiently and enable them to concentrate on the task in hand.

If the POS is part of a centralized system, supervisors can obtain the important information which they need to get the overall idea of business and recognize organizational weaknesses and strengths to take an initiative, quickly.

Contact us to find out how we can help you redesign your POS and your business to be more successful. We will be delighted to demonstrate you what our complete solution Dynamic 365 for restaurant management,  could do for you.

Retail POS Solution

Why Modern POS is your Business’s Necessity

Technology moves the organization forward. If you are a retailer who refuses to update your methods for point of sale, you may be left back in a realm of calculators, handwritten receipts and stock reviews late at night. POS systems provide retailers with a user-friendly way to enter the 21st century. Here are the 6 main reasons why retailers must invest in a POS system.

1) Reports on Sales

A POS system gives you the best analysis of your enterprise and automatically keeps track of its revenue. It is effortless to obtain information about a product range. Another advantage of the POS system is its capability to maintain your financial status, stock status, and sales status data. Based on this data, you can forecast the earnings for the month, the next two months or the coming week, which would be predicted statistically.

2) Adaptation to the Demands of the Customer

You can quickly identify which product categories are the most beneficial and the least beneficial from detailed studies. Understanding of which divisions and products do not fit well can provide you with the opportunity to build a marketing plan.
Therefore, depending on your industry, you can tailor your products in the store or your menu and so forth. Also, the system automatically conducts an in-depth analysis of the purchasing actions of customers. This advantage of the POS system would allow the organization to adapt to the needs of the team without using expensive research work hours.

3) Saves Quality Time

Another benefit of the POS system is to keep a record of the shipment and all items leaving your store. The program constantly shows you how much a particular item has sold and lets you know how much you’ve got in stock. This enables the POS system to place orders on its own when the stock is almost empty to the vendors. Therefore there is no need for an employee to spend quality time doing the same.

Also, if a customer wants to know about a product’s availability or details, the seller can quickly check it in the system. The service will be improved by reducing the waiting time for the client.

Besides, a POS system can help you determine margin and measure taxes automatically.

4) Minimize Errors

The cost for a service can be modified and it will be adjusted automatically throughout the entire system, so prices will always look the same throughout the whole process. The organization, therefore, ensures that rates always suit the specified cost of the product and prevent dissatisfied customers.

5) Execute the Loyalty Program

A POS system can store all your customer information. It allows you to find out what each of your customers ‘ favourite products is. This advantage of POS systems can be very useful when adjusting to each of your customers the brand deals and promotions. They are going to feel special and well treated and it can generate an intention to buy.

6) Management of Employees

A POS program can be used to validate that employee’s additional sales. It can, however, also be used as a management tool and as a criterion for compensation. By doing so, workers will become more empowered and more flourishing. This will increase sales and enhance customer service.

On the other side, the worker can monitor their own sales stats which can help the employee become more aware of their long term goals. To sum up, we could conclude that a POS system makes the company more budget-focused, provides you with more transparency into sales, saves a lot of time, strengthens relationships with clients, and uses data previously recorded to set economic targets.

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