D365 Finance and Operations

Case Study – Trident Implemented D365 Finance & Supply Chain Management for NOC Ethiopia

Established in 2004, National Oil Ethiopia Plc (NOC) is excelling in the marketing of petroleum products in the country. It is the first indigenous oil marketer to have distinct service stations located throughout the country. 

NOC markets one of the leading lubricant brands commonly known as Chevron-Caltex Lubricants, as well as contribute to a major share in Ethiopia Oil Industry. It supplies over 100 lubricant grades for Industrial and Automotive applications. Additionally, the organization delivers other petroleum products such as LPG, Chemicals, Bitumen, and Petcock.  

The business delivers services to keep their customers going by delivering services in the most cost-efficient and effective manner. Their team is divided into retail and commercial units to profitably market their products and achieve effective customer services and market leadership in the gas sector of Ethiopia.  

The business aims at consistently improving its product and service offerings while expanding its business operations in Ethiopia and other African Countries. However, their current system was unable to comply with their requirements. Hence, they decided to contact Trident Information Systems for a suitable solution. After conducting thorough research, Trident found its core challenges and requirements and believed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations will be the most suitable solution.  

Business Challenges 

The business was struggling with financial management and supply chain issues which included:  

  • Difficulty in figuring out the accurate volume of fuel transported in the truck.  
  • Tough time allocating charges on import purchase orders and knowing the landed cost on the inventory.  
  • Difficulty in allocating departmental costs and expenses. 
  • The manual approach to the regular activities caused redundancy and similar issues.  
  • Disparate systems and no real-time data availability hampered decision-making.  
  • Uncontrolled operations and compliances throughout the organization and vendors.  

Business Requirements 

The business needed a unified approach in the financial management of the business and required the following:  

  • To calculate the accurate fuel volume transported in trucks, know the losses and gains during the transit.  
  • To allocate charges on the import purchase order and to know the actual landed cost on inventory.  
  • Needed to identify departmental cost and expenses for actual cost allocations.  
  • Configure and customize the automation process for regular activities.  
  • Unified software solution for real-time data availability.  
  • Robust support of operations and compliances throughout the organization and vendor. 

Solutions Provided by Trident Information Systems 

After digging out the organization’s core challenges and requirements, Trident implemented Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain. Other benefits the solution provided include:  

  • DIP Measurement Process- as NOC uses Dip Measurement to calculate fuel volume transported in the truck to find out the losses and gains during the transit.  
  • Insightful reports and dashboards on financial transactions with D365 Finance and Supply Chain.  
  • Enhanced Process Automation.  
  • Captured all landed costs while adding them to the Inventory.  
  • A centralized view on operations, costing, compliances, and inventory.  
  • A sophisticated vendor management system.  

Benefits to Business 

After implementing Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, NOC noticed a considerable change in their financial management and supply chain. Trident’s solution delivered the following benefits:  

  • The business could manage and schedule its resources in real-time and project costs accurately.  
  • NOC could identify the actual fuel volume transported in the truck to know the gains and losses during the transit.  
  • Their revenue was now managed more systematically and accurately.  
  • A centralized system for planning and project analysis could better control operations and compliance across the organization.  
  • Better vendor management and regulatory compliance.  

Advantages of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain 

Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Supply Chain put flexibility and Scalability at the core of your business, allowing you to quickly grow, and adapt at your own pace. You can easily tailor and extend the application to meet your unique business or industry-specific needs. It can offer the benefits given below but not limited to:  

  • Supports critical operations throughout the business.  
  • Exceptional reporting functionality that allows businesses to collect data and assess situations right then and there.  
  • Microsoft backed and developed functionality to enable seamless integration within the enterprise.  
  • Enables in-depth accounting and financial functionality.  
  • Reduces IT maintenance load.  
  • It automates and streamlines the supply chain.  
  • Endorses innovation with a modern and adaptable platform.  
  • Streamlines asset management.  

Bottom line  

After struggling with successfully managing their expanding business’ finance and supply chain, NOC Ethiopia finally decided to contact Trident Information Systems for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain solution. After the implementation, the business could witness benefits like optimum resource management and scheduling, systematic revenue management, centralized view of the entire supply chain, and so on. Trident is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation partner. Contact us for further information