Bust Queues and Boost Sales during the Festive Season with M-POS

Haven’t you prepared for the festive season yet? Don’t take too long. Grab a POS Software Solution and bust those long queues annoying your customers! Mobile POS is a boon, especially during these overwhelming periods. Be it a restaurant or a retail business, a POS supporting mobile devices can change the game.  

Research has shown that restaurants and retail stores using M-POS could make more sales than those sticking to old traditional mediums.  

Working in silos can actually make you lose track of your sales, or even worse, you may lose customers to your competition.  

Managing an overwhelming flow of customers is not easy, especially with old methods and limited staff. People these days are becoming even more impatient. Hence, they demand immediate attention. Failing to do so can deprive you of new sales.  

Nobody likes long queues. Customers won’t hesitate to leave your store/ restaurant/ food chain without making any purchases.  

 Why M-POS Over Traditional POS?  

While a traditional POS system works well with accepting all sorts of cards, it does have a fair share of its disadvantages. From being bulky to being fixed at a corner, it does consist of unnecessary complications. Mobile POS Software Solution. However, on the other hand, it is a cleverer alternative.  

Mobile POS:   

  • You can accept payments on the go with M-POS  
  • It doesn’t need high-end technological knowledge
  • You can carry it anywhere with you.  
  • Can be connected via Bluetooth to make faster and more secure transactions  
  • It is easy to maintain and has automatic settlements and integration capabilities.  

Traditional POS:  

  • Traditional POS can have greater installation costs.  
  • Being bulky, it is fixed at a place.  
  • Delivers less flexibility than a Mobile POS.  

How does M-POS Help to Boost Sales?  

Mobile POS for Restaurants or retail is a smarter alternative for the traditional POS system. It is simple to get it running. All you must do is select a POS Service Provider, download the application, connect your card reader to your mobile device, and you are good to go. Mobile POS systems generally work on Wi-Fi. However, LS Retail ensures continuity of transactions even with no internet access.  

Encourages Self-Ordering and Self-Checkouts  

During the festive season, where each member of staff is overloaded, customers demand faster and secure checkout mediums. Self-ordering and self-checkout can get it right. Allow customers to place orders and make customization independently, followed by check-out at the end. This allows your staff to be more efficient in their current tasks and empower customers simultaneously. Customers won’t skip a beat before leaving your store without snapping up a product. Hence a Mobile POS for Retail ensures flexible sales and seamless transactions.  

Ensures Vibrant Customer Services  

One of the greatest benefits of M-POS is its flexibility and this is where it outshines traditional POS systems. During festive seasons, customers expect cheerful and vibrant service even if the staff is busy. With M-POS you can reduce waiting times and even cut lines. This way your customers are bound to stick to your business. Whether you run a restaurant or a retail shop, you still have enough potential to treat customers vibrantly. Moreover, you have a personalized report on each customer, through which you can suggest products that might draw them.  

 Offer Special Deals and Discounts  

Offering exceptional deals and discounts is one of the most common methods to boost sales during the festive season. However, if not done properly, you might end up losing potential sales otherwise. A suitable M-POS reads each customer’s preferences, purchasing patterns and customizes deals for classified groups or individual customers. It gets even easier to categorize products to be out on the sale. Considering current market demands, you can impose different discounts on various products. Offer gift cards, buy-one-get-one-free    

Continuity of Transactions Even with No Internet   

Not all POS Software Solution providers offer this feature. Some of them, like LS Retail, ensure continuity of transactions even with no internet access. Considering how overwhelming festive seasons can get and don’t spare enough time to breathe, let alone rest, internet connection loss can jeopardize prospect sales. Hence, it is recommended to have a backup that ensures continuity of sales.  

Resolves Customer Queries Instantly   

With a massive in-flow of customers, each with different demands and needs, they have different service requirements. Since humans are not designed to retain everything all the time, they need technological assistance too. A Mobile POS for Retail consists of the product details stored in. So, when a customer asks about a product’s price or other information, they can easily look it up on their assigned device and help them accordingly. This ensures faster transactions and minimizes customer traffic congestion. With increased efficiency, your staff can welcome and greet customers better, followed by more expeditious assistance.  

Identifies Valuable Customers   

Every business has a set of customers providing them with more business than the rest. A Mobile POS scans through each customer and their purchasing history. It also identifies customers making more sales than the rest. During the festive season, such customers deserve special treatment. Lavish them with offers they deserve. It not only makes such shoppers feel valued but encourages other consumers to make more purchases.  

M-POS can have a massive impact on your sales during this festive season. With faster transactions and more efficient customer services, expect tremendous referral promotion. Some M-POS Software Solution Providers even assure transactional continuity even with no internet access like LS Retail. Create loyalty programs based on precise, actionable reports and ensure vibrant customer services. Trident Information Systems is a Gold Partner of LS Retail and Microsoft. For further queries contact us.