Blend Digital with Physical and “Phygitalize” Business Operations

In the era of technology that amalgamates with the cut-throat competition among retailers, shoppers these days expect a blend of digital evolution with physical shops. This has impacted their mindsets as well. They have become even more impatient and expect stores to complement the same. ERP Software for Retailers like LS Retail can help shop owners comply with the dynamics. It is one of the best ERP Software for Retail.  

Retailers these days are also burning their candles at both ends to not only meet their customers’ current expectations but to provide even better services and beat their competitors. Proving contactless payment options, self-check-out, and much more are some of the initiatives retail businesses take to boost the customer satisfaction level. 

Retail Businesses prefer to integrate their front-office to the back while integrating every operation on a single platform. This helps them avoid multiple integration complexities as well as issues such as:  

  • Information duplicity  
  • Lack of coordination 
  • Managers are unaware of immediate initiatives to be taken 
  • Risk of losing important data 
  • Wastage of resources 
  • Over-stocking/ under-stocking  

Blend Physical with Digital 

This blend transforms how you see your business. You can explore aspects you never knew, ever existed. Operations become more streamlined and ensure maximum employee optimization. An ERP Software for Retailers like LS Retail can help you blend digital innovations into the physical store.  

Integrate Back-Office and The Front Office  

Even if your front-end and the back end in silos are the strongest, still finding ways to streamline these two cohesive units into the one is a whole new ball game. The data held by each section can be critical for the other. Just imagine how easy operations would become if you integrated your website data to your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and then to your billing or invoicing system. It will put an end to complications caused by data duplication. If integrated properly, it can create a bi-directional interface that supports your current customers as-well-as your future customers as well.  

Avoid Overstocking / Understocking with a 360 Degree View on Inventory  

With the right technology at service that can deliver a 360-degree view on inventory activities and forecast demands, the retailers are most likely to make smart inventory purchases. Insights on current trends and consumer buying patterns help businesses to stock up accordingly. For instance, during Durga Puja, some businesses in Kolkata could make a profit of 20-30% as they forecasted demands already, while other businesses that failed to forecast demands ran out of stock. Additionally, they can manage warehouses better with the data on most selling and underselling products. With these insights, retailers can negotiate with the vendors better.  

Track Each Customer and Offer Unique Deals 

Using AI-based technology can help you track every customer transaction and provide you with better insights into what customers are demanding individually or collectively. Retailers can create deals and offers accordingly. They can decide the best time to launch 50% off sales or customized coupons for individual customers. According to their habits and spending patterns, shoppers can be classified accordingly and offered exclusive deals on specific products they would prefer to buy the most.  

Make Your Staff Quicker, More Enthusiastic, and Efficient   

Having a staff that could work to their full efficiency without having to burden them is something several retail businesses are gradually adopting. Imagine how easy it would become for them if they could locate any product at the store in just one click, how much time they save while greeting customers with more enthusiasm. Apart from this, allowing the customers with self-checkout services again frees your staff from billing overloads. Having these technologies fills the efficiency gaps and boosts output.  

Streamline Communication Among Different Departments  

Since the time spent communicating through a chain of departments cuts down, businesses can save themselves plenty of time. With ERP Software for Retailers like the one LS Retail provides, retailers can get a single platform connecting different departments. A person for the sales department can contact the inventory manager to inform them about the current inventory requirements. It becomes easier to share ppts and feedback at the same time.  

Integrate All the Channels Under the Same Platform 

Shoppers demand more convenience in their shopping experience. In such a busy world, many customers are unable to make time to get into a store. Instead, they look for online alternatives for order placements, such as their website, applications, and third-party applications. They require the convenience of ordering their favorite shoes online while computing to their office or asking Alexa to order groceries while cleaning the living room. Integrating all the channels under the same platform allows enough space for sales to grow.  

Data Security and Business Continuity  

In any business, data plays a huge role in making critical decisions, let alone retail. Hence, data security is one of the major concerns for any organization, especially those working in silos, or on-premises. Losing and then the inability to lose financial or important customer data can ruin a business. Cloud-like Azure ensures data security, anti-theft features, and automatic and expandable backups. Azure backup services provide simple, cost-efficient, and security services to back up and recover data from the cloud.  

It has become a necessity to combine physical stores to offer better customer services while streamlining business operations. LS Retail is an ERP Software for Retail offering a suite of tools and functionalities covering every business aspect. If you are looking for an implementation partner, contact Trident. We are a Microsoft D365 and LS Retail Gold Implementation Partner with a capacity of 150+ technical resources. Contact us for further information.