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9 Hacks to Ensure Your Customers Get the Best Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping is booming now. For a couple of years, when lockdowns were prevalent, people solely relied on online shopping, which as a result, made them succumb to the ease of it. If you, as a retailer, are still not on any eCommerce platform, you should consider getting into one. Due to this elevated trend, retailers are finding innovative ways to provide the best online shopping experience. Being entirely based on technology, you must employ suitable software. It would preferably be a Unified eCommerce Website Software.  

To stand out in the market, you must ensure the maximum comfort possible for your customers on your part. Provide exciting offers, deals, and discounts. Make them feel special. Show how much you care for them. Don’t let them hover around scrolling through irrelevant products. instead, suggest products they are most likely to purchase.  

Keep customers happy with a smooth online experience. This is only possible if you apply robust eCommerce Website Software. A solution that manages the entire process on the same platform because using different systems will only cause delays, and people these days are the most impatient. Our research team has found the top 9 hacks ensuring your customers get the best online shopping experience ever!  

#1 Make Sure Your Customers See the Relevant Products Only (an eCommerce Website Software can Help) 

Customers have the shortest span of patience now. Make sure they see relevant products fast. Don’t let them waste their time scrolling through things they may never buy. In this case, using Software for eCommerce Website helps. You can even encourage them to buy combination products (cross-selling). This is what Amazon does, it suggests shoppers a combination of products that go hand in hand at the bottom of the page. You can also create a separate section on the screen suggesting the best combinations people are frequently buying. This trend becomes even more prevalent during a sale.  

#2 Your Site Should Load Fast in Both Mobiles and Computers  

Nothing is worse than frustrated customers. Imagine them having every item at the best price in their cart. However, the site is filled with various glitches, and your customers often get stuck during the checkout. When your competitor’s website loads fast, and it takes double their time to shop on your site, you have an increased risk of losing customers to them. Employ a suitable eCommerce Website Software that hardly needs to be looked after, like LS Retail. It requires no-low maintenance, automatic updates itself, and no specific team of experts to take care of the software. This way, you can free your IT team, and engage them in developing a faster and better-quality website.  

#3 Show How Much You Value Your Customers 

 Your customers would want to come back again-and-again to your site if you treat them like a king. Carefully observe their previous transactions and understand their patterns. See how they prefer to spend and what their habits are. Also, notice what they didn’t purchase, why so? and how to improve the situation. You can either engage your team to do it manually with some tools if you have a small client base. Those with a massive client base must deploy Business Intelligence Services. For example, LS Retail eCommerce Website Software supports a robust tool called Power BI, that collects historical data, scans it, understands customer’s actions, and provides insightful reports. You can use these reports to:  

  • Categorize Your Customers 

You can categorize them into levels, e.g., Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each of them should be entitled to certain services where they can get cashback, discounts, free shipping, etc. You can also flexibly change the services in each segment time-to-time, for example, suppose gold customers are entitled to 10% off on a tank top, seeing 20% off if they buy a tank top with a shirt and pant in the next month, will encourage them to purchase more. This will keep them excited about new upcoming offers. Furthermore, this will also encourage other customers to try getting into one of the categories and enjoy the benefits.  

  • Offer Reward Points  

You can also provide reward points to valuable customers and allow them in their next shopping. This will work as equivalent to a cashback for them.  

#4 Allow Them to Easily Contact You  

Nobody has enough time to google your contact details, Display your number at the center of your eCommerce site. Sometimes your customer service executives are way too busy to handle all the queries. So, you can also allow AI-based or human-based live chat options, or an amalgamation of both. Make sure you use an eCommerce Website Software that provides live chatbot options within the same platform. For example, LS Retail offers an AI-based live-chat-bot option, so your customers never go unattended at any time of the day.  

#5 Let Customers See if the Inventory is Available or Not 

If you are selling a tangible product, make sure your customers can see its availability in the early stages. There is nothing more frustrating than finally finding the right sized dress/ shoe and finding it backordered or having “the item is not eligible for delivery in your area” notification. Having an eCommerce Website Software managing everything on the same platform helps. 

#6 Use Color Psychology  

Carefully design the color scheme of your site. Many big brands use triggering color schemes in their eCommerce sites. For example, brands color the “check-out payment” button in green. Green usually signals “let’s do it” or “positive”. It also stands for the green signal in traffic lights.    

#7 Upload Good Quality Photos/ Videos with Thorough Descriptions  

Make sure your customers get the right vibe of the product they are about to purchase. Upload HD-quality pictures of the item. You must also include a video description of the product and directions to use it. In addition to it, ensure you give a thorough description of the product so the customers can get a fair picture of the item.  

#8 Connect all Your eCommerce Platforms 

Most online retailers these days don’t limit themselves to just one site but opt for third-party platforms too. It is wisest to connect all the channels on the same platform to avoid delays and smoothen up the customer journey. LS Retail eCommerce Website Software integrated all your channels so your customer service executives can resolve queries in the least possible time. 

#9 Allow Easy Check-Out Options  

After a wonderful shopping experience, you do not want your shoppers to be stuck during the checkout. Minimize further steps and ensure they can pay right away with no fuss. Give them an option to purchase a product right away. Do not mandate them to first go to the cart and then proceed further. Cut short the steps as much as possible. Accept as many payment options as you can like UPI, debit, credit, etc.  

Providing the best online shopping experience to your customers is not at all tough. You just need the right technology to support your strategies. LS Retail is one of the most renowned eCommerce Website Software. Being hosted on and by Microsoft Cloud Azure, it ensures data security and backup. Hence you never have to dread data loss and data theft. No malware or virus can ever hack into your system, so you can keep your customer data safe without fear. For further details, you can contact Trident Information Systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation Partner, and LS Central Diamond Partner.