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4 Magical Tips to Use AI to Transform Your Restaurant Business 

Many Businesses are benefiting from AI machine Learning. The hospitality industry is not behind either. Those who once worked on silos are now using a unified Restaurant Management System with embedded AI features like LS Retail Software Solution. Restaurants realized the actual value of AI during times of unpredictability; the time when every economy almost collapsed.   

They are now embracing contactless delivery, kitchen robotics, and order aggregation. Not just this, in 2020, Artificial Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry is valued at USD 3.07 billion in 2020 and is estimated to reach USD 29.94 in 2026. These statistics reveal how spontaneously the trend is catching fire.  

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning cannot be replaced as they are the major income-driving assets for a company. However, many other businesses are slowly and steadily getting into the heat.  

There are Restaurant Management Software embedding AI features. LS Central Hospitality Management Solution is one of the most common examples so far. It can forecast demands and potential threats on the way, which helps cut costs and manage waste. It also offers a single platform to manage all your orders and most importantly, it gives essential customer insights. 

There are many ways you can optimize the power of AI to boost sales and transform your restaurant. Our team discovered the top 4 ways to use AI to get the maximum benefits out of it.  

Tips to Transform Your Restaurant Using AI-embedded Restaurant Management System   

AI optimizes machine learning algorithms and offers essential insights per situation. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in personalizing services for customers and gives a competitive edge in the business. Given below are some essential tips to optimally use your AI-embedded Restaurant Management System to transform your business. 

#1 Use AI to Find Recipe Ideas  

Track your customers, what they ordered, what they didn’t like, and how your services can be improved. A Restaurant Management System like LS Retail Hospitality Management System Software provides Business Intelligence tools to get accurate business insights. You can use them to find the most popular dishes and recipes you can improve. You can even innovate recipes once you get the hand on favors customers prefer the most. You can engage your research team to mix-match a few flavors and see how it is doing on the menu. For instance, blending strawberries with tomato juice gives a unique flavor, you can innovate a recipe, put it up on the menu, and see how it is doing.    

Remove Dishes from the Menu that are Not in Demand  

Why would you even want to invest in something that’s not returning your revenue at all? Purchasing inventory for dishes nobody wants to try is only adding more costs, nothing else. Look through customer data to find how well each of your dishes is doing and cut undesirable dishes. You can either do your research manually, or you can employ a Restaurant Management System that can do it for you. LS Retail Power BI tool extracts, filters, and presents data into insightful dashboards which will help you improve your food and customer experience. 

Set Menus Based on Locations 

People in different locations prefer different sorts of delicacies. For instance, the sale of a classic beef burger will be relatively low in a location with a maximum Hindu population in Ontario. Hence, it makes no sense to add more beef burgers to the menu, they should choose chicken, fish, goat, and egg items. Find out which is the best location to set a specific menu. You can use the Restaurant Management System to extract relevant insights.   

Make Your Customer Feel Being Cared for Using Insights 

Make sure your customers feel heard and are being cared for. Take note of their last feedback, pay attention to their grievances, and don’t forget to mention that their last issue has been resolved already. Make sure they feel you remember them and that you are special to them. This way, they will become loyal to your brand. Reinforce your staff with handheld devices like LS Retail POS which makes ordering and billing processes easier and quicker. With LS Retail ERP, you can send the orders straight to the kitchen right from the table. You can also include extra instructions on the way. This will not only save a lot of time and effort, but your staff will have enough strength to take care of customers in the best way.  

There are multiple ways you can use an AI-based Restaurant Management System to increase your restaurant sales. With essential insights, you can innovate hundreds of strategies to draw more customers. If you wish to employ Hospitality Management Software you can choose LS Retail, it is an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Hence, being hosted by and on Microsoft Azure Cloud, it guarantees data security. Contact Trident Information Systems for further information.