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  • Improve loyalty, reduce churn, and increase lifetime value by obtaining a better understanding of customer demographics, needs, and behaviors?
  • Increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives by gaining in-depth insight into campaign performance?
  • Maximize responsiveness and ensure superior customer service by monitoring call center activities?
  • Boost revenue by identifying the most profitable products, services, and customers?
  • Optimize network performance and resource efficiency by analyzing call traffic and usage patterns?
  • Deliver value-added services by providing online billing, maintenance, and trouble-ticketing systems?

Trident’s solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP / CRM along with IBM Cognos & SPSS can help industry leaders turn the massive amounts of data in their billing, carrier, customer service, provisioning, and maintenance systems into the valuable insight needed to build and improve mission-critical operations.

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you can do Product Catalogue Management, Promotion, Campaign Management . you can design, execute, coordinate, and monitor all of your marketing initiatives. You can create targeted, personalized campaigns across all communication channels, including direct sales, call centers, mail, e-mail, fax, the Internet, and mobile devices. And, the solutions allow you to monitor enterprise wide campaign profitability at the program, product, customer, and partner levels.

Retain your most valuable customer. We can help you to better understand and improve your current retention levels of subscribers by Utilizing analytical and advanced means to enrich your knowledge of the customer. We can help in reducing costs through more efficient retention campaigns and product offerings. Increase competitive advantage by keeping more customers and knowing how to gain new ones.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP , you can leverage customer relationship management capabilities that can effectively manage the Customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Complaints and Return Management, Customer Field Service Management. Resource planners can schedule field service technicians for the most efficient performance of customer work orders with a clear overview of the current work-order processing status. Service technicians can use their handheld and mobile devices to receive all relevant information and instruction on service assignments to be planned, executed, and confirmed with the customer.

You can streamline the billing –to-collections process with billing and customer financial management. By combining electronic bill presentment and payment with the solutions' receivables and collections management capabilities, you can put self-service functions on the Web and cut the cost of paper invoices.

Fraud Management is built to drive fraud prevention by eliminating known frauds, uncovering new fraud patterns, minimizing fraud run time, augmenting internal controls, and supporting continuous fraud management process improvement. Fraud Management detects known fraud types and patterns of unusual behavior, helps investigate these unusual patterns for potential fraud, and uses the knowledge, thus generated, to upgrade and protect against future intrusions.

The solution for telecommunications can include the following technologies

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV: Software combines the ERP’s financial management capabilities to help Billing and Revenue Management.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Software leverages the customer relationship strength to deliver Customer Care.
  • IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence: software combines operational and financial data from across your organization into a single source of information for reporting, analysis, dashboards and scorecards to help drive better business decisions.
  • IBM Cognos: provides a near real time view of changing customer behavioral parameters.
  • IBM Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS): software encapsulates advanced mathematical and statistical expertise to extract predictive knowledge that when deployed into existing processes can make them adaptive to help improve outcomes.
  • Customer analytic hub from IBM: based on the Master Information Hub platform.