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Social & Not for Profit

Managing a not for profit organization requires business, financial, and reporting practices that are complex and unique. In addition to meeting project, financial, and membership goals, you must manage the people and supporting systems that ensure detailed reporting and compliance with special government regulations. And, demonstrating the efficient use of donated and allocated resources is essential to future funding.

Key Challenges faced every day are:

  • Do you need to improve your fund raising efforts?
  • Do you get proper attention to membership and donor retention?
  • Do regulatory controls and fiscal transparency pose challenges?
  • Do you benefit from improvement in employee retention?
  • Do you be more efficient by enhancing visibility in operational information?

Social Service providers require a unique Information Technology infrastructure to provide outstanding services while keeping costs in line. These IT needs usually fall into the following major categories.

Products and integrated applications can help you control finances better, provide stakeholders access to timely reports, and maintain membership and constituent information. As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner with 8 years of experience in this industry, Trident can help to empower employees with self-service applications for procurement, time management, and expense reporting to streamline processes, so you can focus less on time-consuming internal tasks and more on providing maximum value to your beneficiaries.

Commitment Management:
Track requisitions as commitments related to specific budgets and streamline requisition approval. Auto-generated messages warn approvers of potential overspending if transactions exceed budgets.

Encumbrance Management:
Analyze expenditures against budgets and track encumbrances at any time. Automated tracking and liquidation helps you avoid overspending.

Fund Management:
Track allocation accurately and automatically. Make reporting accessible, and define control accounts. Transfer balances between accounts easily with "self-balancing" interfund tools. Fundraising: Execute fund raising activities, manage pledges , gifts & endowments and help maintain accurate records of contacts, donors, volunteers, gifts, and receipts.

Grant Management:
Streamline transactions, monitor daily expenditures, and deliver timely reports for optimal grant performance.

Asset Management:
Acquire and deploy assets, manage facilities & fleets.

Financial Control & Reporting:
Proactive track expenditure, Manage internal controls and budget spending. Analyze financial information.

Project Accounting:
leverage Projects Accounting capabilities inherent with MBS Dynamics, set up projects, estimate costs, generate quotes, and track the progress of all projects.

Not for profit organizations have unique fund raising and event management needs that can be accommodated by Microsoft’s Not-for-Profit Accelerator for Dynamics CRM. The accelerators can be deployed either on premise or online.

Prospect Management
  • Track leads and fund raising prospects on either an individual or corporate basis.
  • Include champion and executive assistant tracking.

Donation and Pledge Management
  • Track the progress and steps required to close a donation commitment.
  • Integrate with gateways and solutions for online donations.

Volunteer, Member and Constituent Management
  • Track activities, relationships, donations, contracts and more with your members and constituents.

Campaign Management
  • Plan any type of fund raising communication.
  • Track campaign responses and convert to pledge commitments.

Case, Contract and Services Management
  • Keep track of resources and documents associated with your services. Event Management.
  • Manage events and fundraisers including invites, guests, speakers, sponsors, donations.
  • Track event costs and produce profitability reports.

Dashboards and Reports
  • View valuable information quickly and easily giving you fast insight to allow you to move forward your next actions.

ERP Solutions in India  - Microsoft Dynamics ERP & Manufacturing ERP Software