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Quality Assurance

Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs with Quality Control and Testing Services from Trident

Assuring quality is an essential part of the delivery process at Trident. To maintain our high quality standards, we leverage the vast knowledge base of our 100% certified QC professionals and follow strict quality assurance methodologies and process for the utmost consistency.

Testing has become an important phase in the software lifecycle in recent years as we depend on business applications to run our organizations, serve our customers, and support our partners and employees. We provide a combination of strategic end-to-end testing and rigorous test execution to clearly deliver identifiable results, notably reducing the cost of software development and maintenance, improving time-to-market, and effective program & risk management to circumvent business risks.

As ISO 9001:2000 Certified, Our Testing Center of Excellence focuses on lowering costs, increasing production quality and user acceptance, delivering on-schedule, and providing more flexibility to support your business needs. Our testing professionals use proven established processes, methodologies and reusable tools/accelerators to deliver comprehensive testing services across an entire organization.

Application Testing - Areas of Focus

  • Functional Testing:Ensures that the applications or systems conform of to a set of documented specifications or expectations. Many techniques may be utilized including unit testing, white and black box testing.
  • Integration Testing:Testing that ensures that the applications, systems, or modules work together when combined and tested as a group. This testing can be done in conjunction with system testing.
  • System Testing: Testing that ensures end-to-end conformance to specifications of all inter-related applications or systems.
  • Regression Testing: Testing that seeks to identify software errors by partially or wholly retesting a modified application or system. The intent of regression testing is to assure that a bug fix or enhancement has been successfully incorporated based on the purpose, while providing assurance that no other errors were introduced in the process. Regression is commonly used to efficiently test bug fixes by systematically selecting the appropriate minimum test suite needed to adequately cover the affected software code/requirements change.
  • Cloud Application Testing:Testing applications and systems executing in a cloud environment.
  • User Acceptance Testing:Testing that verifies that the user interface, external interfaces, and user performance criteria meet the specification.
  • Certification Testing: Testing that verifies and certifies that the system complies with external requirements and constraints.
  • Mobile application testing: Testing of applications, systems, ringtones, games and downloadable apps for mobile devices.
  • Load and stress: We can test using high sustained transaction rates, high peak transaction rates, multiple simultaneous transactions and any other special or unique scenarios you may face.