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Alignment to the business is a top priority for technology executives yet many organizations do not have access to reliable and timely lifecycle data needed to make fact based decisions fast.

IBM portfolio, product, and project management solutions transform the way organizations define and deliver value.

They help teams to align software and product investments with business objectives, improve predictability and product success, manage and optimize project execution, and measure team performance and project results.

IBM portfolio, product, and project management allows organizations to:

  • Gain accurate, fact-based inventories of existing applications, projects, products and work efforts As the system of record for all facets of the software development lifecycle, collection of the data that generates business critical metrics is a byproduct of daily work and is therefore automated, continuous, timely and not subject to error or bias.
  • Define and align metrics to business goals and priorities Process, presentation and key performance metrics are all flexible and can be defined or re-defined based on the current business landscape, providing the ability to compare historical results to current trends.
  • Make rapid and informed decisions with real time visibility into all work efforts From source code, test cases and deployment artifacts to projects, requirements and maintenance tasks, IBM portfolio, product, and project management is a single platform to manage all of the activities within development. Coupled with categorization and business knowledge about these artifacts, analytic capabilities can be applied to the underlying data and the results exposed through meaningful dashboards, charts and reports.
  • Define processes enabling Engineering and IT groups to plan, act, measure, assess, respond and repeat Workflow, authorization and assignment capabilities ensure repeatability, reliability and traceability across your organization thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency and productivity.

Trident is an IBM Software Premium partner and has been delivering IBM Software training, support, consultancy and products of IBM Software licenses.

Our product offerings in IBM Portfolio, product, and project management software include:

  • IBM Focal Point-Evaluate investment scenarios to align product, project, and application portfolio decisions with the overall business value.
  • IBM Insight-Measure, monitor, analyze, and trend project and process performance to make the best decisions for your business and for continual process improvements.
  • IBM Method Composer-Implement effective processes with a flexible process management platform with tooling and the richest process library.
  • IBM Project Conductor -Improve software and systems delivery with streamlined, collaborative project and resource management.
  • IBM Publishing Engine- Automate document generation from disparate applications with a document generation solution with built-in extractors.
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