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Government and Defence - Microsoft Dynamics AX, IBM Rational Software & Tivoli Storage Management Software
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Government And Defence

Like other organizations, governments need to be easier to do business with. To achieve this goal, governments need processes, structures and systems that enhance employee productivity. They also need to improve responsiveness to changing circumstances and provide businesses and citizens with easy access to government services. Every aspect of government IT needs to be simplified, coordinated and accelerated.

Government systems also have to be very flexible, because administrations change much more often than in business, and government-wide conditions change fairly frequently. These conditions include everything from business regulations and legislation to public-safety conditions and the need for government collaboration.

We have partnered closely with government organizations and contractors on large-scale, complex projects in the areas of healthcare, justice and public safety, education, e-governance, public finance, military and aerospace and transport, to touch and transform the lives of ordinary people.

The solution provides for the foundation for interaction with

  • Existing applications.
  • Collaboration systems (existing and new).
  • HR functions.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Expense reporting.
  • Help desk.
  • Directories.
  • Executive dashboards.
  • Forms processing.
  • Information and libraries.
  • Tender Management.
  • Fleet Management.
  • Inventory and Finance.


Various Solutions help the Government include:

  • Helps citizens and business constituents gain access to critical knowledge through Web-based information delivery.
  • Enables 24x7 access to government information.
  • Allows easy rollout of self-service information and applications in multiple formats with digital capture and conversion.
  • Provides effective, rapid service through the use of collaboration tools.
  • Provides a single, cohesive view of government for citizens and business constituents that requires no understanding of complex agency infrastructures.
  • Offers managed costs.
  • Maintains high-level security and citizen privacy protection.


Helps in Citizen Services

Fraud Investigation & Claims Management Detection; Referral Tracking; Case Management; Reporting; Claim Disposition Tracking; Strategic Planning & Evaluation.

Case Management Informal Complaint Management, Formal Complaint Management, Matter Management, , Case Proceedings Recording

The solution for Collaborative Government can include the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV: Software combines the ERP’s financial management capabilities to help Inventory, Tender and Revenue Management along with Human Resource Functions.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Software leverages the customer relationship strength to deliver Citizen Services.
  • Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Lotus Portal : Enterprise Content and Collaboration software helps provides for Informational Portal , Form Processing , Directories.
  • IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence and SAP Business Objects : Software combines Business Intelligence to deliver Executive Dash Boards.
  • IBM Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS): software encapsulates advanced mathematical and statistical expertise to extract predictive knowledge that when deployed into existing processes can make them adaptive to help improve outcomes.
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Management software: Tivoli provides a wide range of data protection, recovery management, and monitoring capabilities.
  • IBM Rational & HP Performance Management : Rational Performance Tester and HP LoadRunner is a performance testing tool used for predicting system behavior and identifying performance issues.
Government and Defence - Microsoft Dynamics AX, IBM Rational Software & Tivoli Storage Management Software