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The retail environment evolves constantly. the recent recession drove or amplified some changes: Shoppers reduced consumption, sought discounts and sales more aggressively, switched to store brands, and some even deserted speciality retailers in favor of discounters.But behavior shifts occurred before the recession and will continue to reshape the retail landscape after the recession is only a memory. Retailers must monitor these shifts to see if they become permanent, then plan and act accordingly. But they must pay attention and respond to thee additional consumer trends as well.       

Today’s consumers have changed. They learn, shop, and communicate in new, technology-powered ways. The recent recession taught them new budget discipline. And they display a new “in-control” attitude: comparing shopping experiences digitally with fellow consumers instead of browsing advertisements. They exhibit less brand loyalty, more self-reliance, more resourcefulness when it comes to finding the best all-around value. They are sending retailers a call to action: get more customer-centric.    

The recession that swept across the globe in 2008-2009 hit just about every retailer's bottom line to some degree, but did not affect all retailers in the same way. many grocers and value retailer, for example, weathered the storm relatively well, as more consumers ate at home and spent more conservatively. specialty retailers, on the other hand, were among the hardest hit; and today, those that are still in business are emerging from the worst downturn many of them have ever experienced.    View or Download

Business analytics, reports and measures give retail organizations the tools they need to develop company-wide strategies, put plans into place and track performance against objectives. They can identify patterns, stock the right merchandise, measure performance across channels and connect with customers. By building intelligence into the system, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers can eliminate inefficiency and waste at every step of the chain.    View or Download