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Embedded systems have become an integral part of daily life. Be it a cell phone, a smartcard, a music player, a router, or the electronics in an automobile - these systems have been touching and changing modern lives like never before.
An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware, software, and additional mechanical or other Technical components, designed to perform a dedicated function. Most of the embedded systems need to meet real time computing requirements.

Embedded System Development Realities:

  • Large gap between research and industry development.
  • Typical embedded software development -Limited modeling, limited component use C/C++, Commercial RTOS, Custom hardware, hand coded and integrated
  • Productivity growth is slow
  • Small groups using current research and technology
  • Long product lifetimes influence technology
  • Risk aversion is extreme
  • Complexity growth is relentless

In order to achieve delivery of quality software , you need to adopt an application lifecycle management (ALM) strategy that coordinates all interested parties, the processes and tools in support of the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). To successfully implement an ALM strategy, you'll need to adopt products and best practices in the following areas:

  • Requirements and definition management
  • Software configuration management
  • Change Management
  • Test Management and QA
  • Model Driven Development
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Metrics and Measurement

Trident can help you in each area with :

Requirements and Definition Management
All stakeholders need to participate in helping to define the requirements of any project. This means that you need a tool that allows every user—even business users to participate in that process. Telelogic® DOORS® provides a scalable platform with an intuitive interface that allows all stakeholders to participate in defining requirements, regardless of how small or large your organization is.

Software Configuration Management
Development teams need the ability to collaborate in real-time to accelerate the build and release process. With a collaborative development process supported by Telelogic® Synergy™, software development teams have a centrally managed software configuration management solution providing stakeholders with visibility to all levels of the development process.

Change Management
Change management is the cornerstone for compliance as well as necessary for building high quality software. Keeping all stakeholders involved in the development process is necessary to building business value. With Telelogic® Change™, you'll have all the components necessary to employ a scalable and robust change management solution.

Test Management and QA
Proving that delivered systems perform as promised is the job of testing and quality assurance. And if you build test requirements in from the start in the requirements phase with Telelogic DOORS, it will make the testing go that much more quickly. And Telelogic® Logiscope™ gives you the static and dynamic tools necessary to carry out your unit tests.

Model Driven Development

By abstracting your development efforts using models, your teams won't get bogged down in line-by-line coding quagmires. Models allow your development groups to focus on high-level designs, refine and implement systems more quickly as well as make it easier to validate and verify a system's behavior.


Product Portfolio Management

The concept of making value-based selections of your products and features means that you can apply your scarce development resources to the most important components of your project. Telelogic® Focal Point™ helps you manage these value-based selections and apply them to the entire SDLC.

Metrics and Measurement
Everyone involved in a development project needs to know how it's going, where things are behind, what resources are available and how they should be deployed. Providing stakeholders with timely and focused information to help them make the appropriate decisions is possible through Telelogic® Dashboard™. With it, every stakeholder can be kept apprised of what they need to know about a project's progress.

By implementing these IBM components in an ALM solution, your development projects will be more focused, efficient and in better compliance. Your entire organization will be more productive, engaged and better able to respond quickly to changing market needs which will give you an advantage over your competition.

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