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Manage change throughout the entire development lifecycle. With integrated IBM Change and Release Management, you always know what was modified and why. Track bugs, feature requests, change requests, and development tasks over the complete span of your projects. Apply source code file changes to defects and change requests even while checking in modifications from your IDE.

Key Benefits
  • Get complete control of your change management process with advanced branching, triggers, email notifications, fully configurable workflows, and customizable fields.
  • Track change requests, bug reports, feature requests and more with all-inclusive defect management.
  • Manage source code files with private workspaces, automatic merging, and role-based security.
  • Work from anywhere with fast and secure remote access to source files and defects.
  • Achieve higher scalability and leverage your existing database infrastructure, backup strategies, and reporting tools with RDBMS-based data storage.

Trident is an IBM software Premium partner and has been delivering IBM Software training, support, consultancy and IBM Software licenses for over 8 years.

IBM have an integrated and mature suite of SCCM products, these products are well regarded in the SCCM space and arguably IBM is the SCCM market leader for large organizations:

IBM Clear Case
is a tool for version control and software configuration management (SCM) of source code and other software assets. ClearCase can handle projects with hundreds or thousands of developers. Trident consultants have experience in all ClearCase variations including ClearCase LT (for smaller, local projects) and ClearCase MultiSite (an option for IBM ClearCase to support geographically distributed projects).

ClearCase supports two use models, Unified Change Management (UCM), and base ClearCase. UCM provides an out-of-the-box model while base ClearCase provides a basic infrastructure (upon which UCM is built) which allows for more flexibility. Both can be configured to support a wide variety of needs.

ClearCase runs on a number of platforms including AIX, z/OS, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows. It can handle large binary files, large numbers of files, and large repository sizes. It handles branching, labelling, and versioning of directories.

IBM ClearQuest
is a workflow automation tool (in particular defect tracking and change management) delivering repeatable, enforceable, predictable processes. Process automation Workflows are provided out-of-the-box to jumpstart your implementation and can be easily customised to meet specific needs - Trident have developed comprehensive workflow systems for major global corporations incorporating ClearQuest MultiSite to support geographically distributed projects.
ClearQuest is also available in a web version, which offers all the functionality of the full version except for the ability to create queries.
ClearQuest integrates well with ClearCase but is also designed to be used with other IBM Software testing tools, such as IBM Performance Tester, IBM Functional Tester and IBM anual Tester, providing a robust environment for software quality assurance.

IBM Team Concert
Open Source SCCM tools have highlighted weaknesses with traditional IBM products, in particular poor performance and sensitivity to network issues. In response IBM have launched IBM Team Concert.
IBM Team Concert is a collaborative software delivery environment which includes integrated work item, source control and build management in addition to the improved collaboration capabilities of the Jazz environment - IBM Team Concert makes it easy to exchange information directly in the context of the work you are doing.
Jazz is IBM technology platform for collaborative software delivery (not a product). Jazz technology enables collaboration among business stakeholders, subject matter experts, and all people that have a role to play in the delivery of software. Product offerings built on the Jazz platform will be able to leverage capabilities for team-based software development and delivery.
IBM Team Concert Standard is available with out-of-the-box integrations that enable interoperability with IBM ClearCase, ClearQuest, Build Forge and Subversion.

Why Outsource ?
  • Proven IT change and release management experience in an ITIL led corporate environment.
  • Certified Consultants Skilled with a variety of tools such as IBM ClearCase.
  • Save up to 70% on your costs by outsourcing.
  • Guaranteed on-time and in-budget service.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA).
Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner - Rational Software India
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