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Banking & Insurance - Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CRM Solutions & CRM Software in India
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Banking & Insurance

Today's banking, finance ,Insurance and investment companies operate in an industry more diverse and unpredictable than any other. Some of the key challenges-

  • Retain and expand your client base, improve cross-selling opportunities, and increase customer profitability through a better understanding of behaviour, needs, and preferences?
  • Detect and deter fraudulent activity such as money laundering and identity theft?
  • Address globalization issues?
  • Better manage the risk associated with investments, credit and lending, and consumer bankruptcies?
  • Increase efficiency of core business processes such as call centre management, loan processing, and electronic trading?
  • Utilize an industry standard like XBRL for a real-time, accurate, and single version of the truth?
  • Exposure to security threats?

Our Solutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions built on proven Microsoft Dynamics CRM offer the ability to deliver improved customer service, increase retention of critical customers and improve cross sales. CRM solutions offer an institution's employees and customers a consistent view of their accounts across delivery channels. These solutions help attract, capture and retain more profitable customers. And with CRM solutions resulting in better customer retention, FIs have the opportunity to more effectively cross-sell and up-sell, as well as increase the productivity and effectiveness of their customer service representatives.

CRM and business intelligence (BI) solutions can drive significant revenue for back-office integration and installation services, application software, middleware and hardware.


In today's world, the need for security is ever increasing. Hackers and viruses can bring any organization's operations to its knees. Regulatory requirements in this area continue to demand data and systems protection to prevent fraud and ensure preparedness for any disaster that could hinder your operations.

  • Security vulnerability testing with help of IBM Rational Quality Portfolio that involves testing critical systems and infrastructure components for known security vulnerabilities.
  • Intrusion detection for which analysts monitor intrusion-detection sensors and agents running on critical customer systems 24×7.
  • E-mail security services that include anti spam filtering, e-mail-borne malicious-attack filtering, and inappropriate image filtering.
  • Wireless intrusion detection that enables detection of wireless attacks, vulnerable access-point detection, and route access-point detection and location.


As technology proliferates, so does data (and ultimately, information). More companies are faced today with the challenge of better managing and integrating unwieldy amounts of information and using it to create competitive advantage.

Effectively storing, managing, integrating and accessing the diverse data and content across the enterprise won’t happen by accident. Instead, IBM Optim™ solutions can help solve the data growth problem at the source—by managing enterprise application data.


Portals based on IBM Lotus Portal or Microsoft SharePoint provide a single point of access to applications, content, data, processes and people from all parts of an FI. A portal enables banks to work with the data, people and applications they need from one central point of access. The portal can be used to increase employee productivity, retain and grow customer and Business Partner relationships, reduce costs, understand trends and preferences, and enhance revenue.

Portal solutions help:
  • Improve the customer's experience through customer service with a personalized environment.
  • Improve employee productivity by providing access to all the people, information and applications required for employees to do their jobs in the most efficient manner.
  • Improve efficiency by integrating information across multiple channels.
  • Improve customer satisfaction at a lower cost.
  • Provide ready access for authorized parties with maximum security against unauthorized parties.


Using Business Intelligence, Predictive Analysis & Customer Relationship we can help in

Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention
Enhanced customer profiling and segmentation enables companies to glean a variety of customer information, including loyalty, churn rates, product usage, and the overall lifetime value of a customer. Appropriate effort can be applied to acquire and retain the most valuable customers to ensure continued growth.

Enhance Marketing Success
With a better understanding of the market and customer needs, financial institutions will be able to deploy more targeted promotions and more effective cross-sell/up-sell initiatives, as well as more accurately predict the impact of planned campaigns. Campaign revisions can be implemented prior to rollout to maximize effectiveness and ROI.

Fight Fraud
The ability to anticipate illegal or suspicious activities and transactions – such as identity theft and money laundering – allows financial firms to prevent them from occurring. Since fraudsters continually revise their tactics, automated discovery and predictive analytic methods must be Employed to combat these changes.

Mitigate Risk
Risk can be reduced dramatically with the ability to price insurance coverage more appropriately, Predict profitability more accurately, foresee risky loan and credit applicants, and better understand Debtor behaviours for collection and recovery efforts. Identifying these hazards enables companies to deploy resources proactively, making risk management manageable and forward-looking.

Banking & Insurance - Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CRM Solutions & CRM Software in India