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Strategic Alliances - ACL

ACL Services Ltd. is the leading global provider of business assurance technology for audit and compliance professionals. Combining market-leading audit analytics software and professional services expertise, ACL solutions give auditors confidence in the effectiveness of internal controls and the integrity of the transactions underlying business operations.

Since 1987, ACL has enabled auditors to assure sustainable compliance, reduce risk, detect fraud, enhance profitability, and improve business performance. ACL delivers its solutions to more than 215,000 licensed users in over 150 countries through a global network of ACL offices and channel partners. ACL customers include 95 percent of Fortune 100 companies, 85 percent of the Fortune 500 and over two-thirds of the Global 500, as well as hundreds of national, state, and local governments, and the Big Four public accounting firms. www.acl.com

ACL Desktop is recognized worldwide as the leading stand alone data analysis software for audit and financial professionals. With a unique and powerful blend of built-in audit functions, unrivalled data access and straightforward scripting language, ACL Desktop provides access to business critical data so you can:-

  • analyse data in its entirety
  • identify trends, pinpoint exceptions and highlight areas of concern
  • locate errors and potential fraud
  • identify control issues and ensure compliance with organisational and regulatory standards
  • age and analyse financial or any other time sensitive transactions
  • cleanse and normalise data to ensure consistency and accurate results

Data Access
ACL Desktop provides immediate visibility into your organisation’s most critical data. When you have the ability to directly access and query each and every transaction (from a multitude of sources and systems), you provide a deeper level of insight. The data coverage enables you to examine 100 percent of your transactional data - every field, every record of interest - improving the accuracy and effectiveness of your analysis. Access diverse types of data with ease, including ODBC-compliant databases, variable length record files, legacy files, PDF and report files.

Data Integrity
ACL features read-only access to all your enterprise data; source data is never changed, altered or deleted. ACL reads data at the source- the data is neither constricted nor aggregated. You can go where you need to, wherever your data investigation requires, confident in the knowledge that data quality and integrity are maintained.

Analysis of Large Data Sets
Take advantage of the capability and unprecedented speed of ACL to rapidly process transactions, ensuring 100 percent coverage and the utmost confidence in your results. ACL analyses your data at a rate of up to 10,000 and 100,000 records per second, helping you complete data analysis tasks in a fraction of the time.

Ease of Use
Select, identify and format data with ease using the Data Definition Wizard. Directly import and export Excel©, Access©, Adobe PDF and XML data with point & click commands. Users of varying technical aptitudes can manage ACL’s flexible and powerful analytic capabilities. ACL features built-in analysis commands so there’s no programming language to learn. Get going in days, not months!

Display & Reporting
View your results in an easy-to-understand, tabular format; one for each result. Commands display results either as a formatted table or as a graph. The log records activity so that you can review past analysis and quickly retrieve and compare results, gain repeatability, and proof. Share pre-formatted tabular results with other applications and integrate reports effortlessly into working paper packages, report documents, Crystal Reports, or any application that accepts HTML.

is a highly flexible server-based technology that supports ad hoc and repetitive analysis right through to continuous transaction monitoring and presentation of results. Centralized data extraction, analysis and reporting drives team efficiencies, improves quality, promotes best practices and provides the visibility required to turn insight into action.

Stronger Analytics
  • AX runs 24/7 in a secure server-based environment, allowing teams to schedule or process any test at any time and to control who sees what.
  • Access can be granted to individual team members based on their individual permissions—tightening your business controls.
  • Data, results and analytic scripts are stored and deployed centrally increasing consistency and dramatically improving sharing across the organization.
  • Customers with substantial processing requirements can add additional load balancing servers to share the workload and improve efficiencies.

  • Improve Visibility Across Departments
    • Centralized, single view “of the truth” enables business leaders to monitor and respond to emerging control issues and areas of risk.
      • Track trends and quickly turn insight into action by arming the right stakeholders with results uncovered in analysis testing.

Direct Link for SAP® ERP helps solve your SAP® data access challenges by enabling direct and seamless access to your SAP ERP data. Direct Link is certified for integration with the SAP ERP application. Gain independence and flexibility by selecting and extracting the SAP ERP data you need, when you need it, while minimizing your reliance on busy IT resources. Direct Link adds SAP ERP data selection and extraction capabilities to the data access, analysis, and reporting capabilities of ACL AuditExchange and ACL Desktop Edition to provide a comprehensive solution to help you analyse your SAP ERP data. The result is unprecedented independence and control, increased productivity and effectiveness, increased reliability and faster, more comprehensive data analysis to support your audit and analysis activities.

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