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Retail Analytics

As retail markets become increasingly competitive, the ability to react quickly and decisively to market trends and to tailor products and services to individual clients is more critical than ever. A business intelligence system can be a very effective means of organizing and analyzing the vast amount of information generated in a retail business, and help you generate a more effective business model for keeping your business profitable.

Successful retailers strive to accomplish three basic objectives:

 Shopping experience

  • Identify, report on and analyze trends to respond to consumer buying needs and behavior
  • Use predictive models and association rules to determine which group of products work best for which customers.
  • Gain insight into customer perceptions of service, store, products and merchandising, and integrate results across the business.
  • Create flexible seasons for basics, seasons and “waves.”

Promotion planning, merchandise planning and market basket analysis

  • Optimize merchandise levels, minimize out-of-stocks and manage inventory costs.
  • Conduct market basket analysis to anticipate customer response and improve promotions.
  • Develop plans for key financial indicators including returns, cost of goods, supply chain costs and gross profit.
  • Plan for the impact of markdowns and promotions on inventory value and margin.

Smarter operations

  • Align corporate and store operations around critical revenue and profitability targets; and quickly adjust plans and resource allocations to achieve profitable growth.
  • Set, measure and monitor key performance metrics based on standard financial statements.
  • Use predictive models to improve recruitment and optimize staffing decisions.
  • Increase cost savings by comparing and benchmarking performance across stores, channels, regions and divisions.
  • Gain visibility into key metrics across the chain: sales, labor, inventory and promotions.
  • Monitor turnover and employee productivity.

We offer our solutions using best of breed technologies from

  • SAP Business Objects.
  • Microsoft CRM.